Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hot cold.


after the breakdown that day because of work related stress, I have realised how much of a carnivore I am. That aside, I have done myself a favour of not touching my emails or doing any work at all. whoohoo. Yesterday has been a good day of rest with people that I love, cooking, cycling and just lots of heart to heart talk about the future...concerns and about life in general. Suddenly I realise that I'm not alone, I'm never alone because these are REAL people who journey together with me, and I with them... in God's never failing love. 



T: do you know I'm so tired now that I can't even open my eyes.
S: do you know my friend woke up one day and thought she was a table? 

The Girl who woke up and Thought she was a Table. What a lovely title for a possible story or illustration series don't you think? . 

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