Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY: embroidery portrait keychain

 Hi y'all. 

I had such a weird dream yesterday. I was in a witch school and somehow I was very very very mean, I kicked another mean witch down the stairs and as  she was falling, I grabbed her hand and said "help me, I do not know why I'm like that" and then I let go and she fell. She got up to fight with me so I broke her cello bow and stabbed her with it. She didn't die!! So I locked her up in her cello case and she died. I woke up and I was like...0.0 What was that all about!?!

And then I went back to sleep and I had another dream. 

I kidnapped a man and he kept shouting "WHERES MY WIFEY? WHERES MY WIFEY?"
and I said "I don't know where your wifey is, but I have wifi here...the signal is quite strong" and I woke up thinking....damn son....thats actually quite funny. 

but anyway!! 

Earlier this week, I received a lovely gift from a Ewoodstory (instagram: ewoodstory), a creative craft store in Oregon that is a collaboration between a woodworker and a designer. Thank you Shelby~ So heres what I did with this Mini Masterpiece Pendant frame! 


What you'll need:
  1. ewoodstory frame. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ewoodstory
  2. embroidery hoop (4" diameter)
  3. cotton canvas
  4. uhu glue
  5. acrylic paint
  6. soft felt
  7. jump rings + large claw clasp
  8. fur ball


1) I marked out the surface area from the frame and then worked my design inside. 
2) To match the colours of my threads, I painted the wood surface light pink. While waiting for this to dry, cut out your embroidery piece leaving about 0.5 cm border around your work. This is so that we have space to sew it onto the frame. 
3) Use back stitch to attach your embroidery piece onto the wooden frame. Make sure its tight, so sew closely to the edges so that it "stretches" your piece on the frame. 
4) To hide the threads, cut a small piece of felt and glue it in place at the back of the piece. 
5) attach jump rings to giant claw clasp to large fur ball and attach mini embroidered portrait onto jump ring. 
6) add fuchsia ribbon for heightened kawaii effect.

AND WE'RE DONE! Happy crafting!! :)

Please leave a comment if you have any questions at all.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Journals and writing.

I write a lot, I have a book for everything. 

I see writing as a form of capturing thoughts forever. Yknow how sometimes you think about certain things and then you forget them completely. I wont say that I write about  deep and profound stuff, its usually a lot of random thoughts and observations and reflections and a little bit of trashy writing and bitching once in a while...but I try not to do that as its poison to the soul and to the paper, the trees died for a good cause...so...

At the moment these are the 6 categories of books that I write in.
(from top left to right) 

1) Bible Devotion thoughts
2) Observations and thoughts and dreams (I recently changed to this book because the other one has finished)
3) Sketch book for Meeting notes and sketches (mainly for work)
4) Quotes I love
5) Prayer requests
6) Letters to Anya

These are all so personal to me, but I will share today's entry in the "Observations and thoughts" book.

" having an immediate infatuation or crush on someone is very much like an illness. You do not ask for it. Its an illness, a sickness...you wake up and you think about that person. And if that person doesn't think of you, your stomach cringes in a weird sort of pain. And you have no idea why you feel this way. You try to stop it. Cough it out, sleep it away, but its still there. You don't want it, go away. Its like falling sick. Not love. But the good thing is that day by day it gets better even without medication or without effort. I am writing this now because I know that I'm cured. The bug is gone, i'm no longer sick and hell yes I'm glad I'm free from this ridiculous torment." -1030pm

I encourage everyone to write, write daily...on the train, on the bus, while waiting for a friend, before you sleep...
You'll be surprised by how much more you learn about yourself and how much more clearer your thoughts are.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sad night

Oh my god, I just spent the whole evening to night of 6 hours looking for accomodation in rome, Florence, Venice and Paris. I have never been so stressed before! Why are all the good places all unavailable to stay in!!! T_T 

Rant over goodnight. 
I hope the stye on my eye goes away soon. T_T #sadnight 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

long walks and falling

I had work today, but I enjoyed it very much. I drew portraits at a youth sailing carnival event and met lots of wonderful people. I mean, there were kids about the age of 6 who carried their own wind sails (is that what its called!?) and sail themselves out to sea. SIX YEARS OLD. and what was I doing at 6?! (actually at 6 I was playing the violin, my mom would make me practice 2 hours everyday so....) 

Below are some photos from my morning walk and also fragments of thoughts from today. 


A girl came over with her smaller sized friend. Small was shy, quiet and she didn't smile. She had a certain look of sadness in her eyes. Sad eyes. Sad but beautiful. She edged towards the chair and she slipped and fell. Small fell. I stood up to see if she was ok, but I could only see the blue balloon bobbling, the balloon that was tied to her wrist. I looked at her friend, Tall. Tall just looked at Small. Small didn't ask for help, so Tall just looked....

Another girl fell. Falling girls. What a sight.

A woman came forward, a woman claiming to be Small's mother. I told her that Small had a fall. Mother said "don't worry about it, thats the least I'm worried about now, she's okay". Tough. Tough Small.

Young boy less than the age of 8, rides bike dangerously flying up and down a ramp. His mother records him on phone and cheers him on. They are both smiling. I wonder how he got to that stage, his mother must have watched him break his bones a million times. But the sun is shining, and they're both radiant, and he is still flying....and landing...and flying....and landing....as he turns to her and says "DID YOU SEE THAT MOM? I DID IT!" and his mom said "thats my boy"

I bet her heart fell, and she got used to it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bad Habit

I rushed out today and grabbed the nearest bag to me at the door. All was good until I was trying to find my card holder for the bus so my hand was fishing around for my lanyard and my hands felt something wet and crusty and furry?! My heart just froze: wtf is that. I stopped in the middle of the path and reluctantly looked inside my bag...I found a mouldy apple pie all crushed and soggy at the bottom of my bag. And then the camera pans 360 degrees around me while I drop my bag in the middle of the road and yell : OMGGGGG WTFFFFFF!!!!! ITS FURRY!!!!!

So, ok rewind. How did the apple pie die? 

Its a very bad habit of mine. It has happened more than 5 times. In the middle of the day, sometimes I have an overwhelming craving for the apple pie at Mac Donalds. Since there are so many mac donalds in singapore, I usually can buy one almost immediately when the craving sets in. So what happens is that I will buy the apple pie, and realise its too hot to eat it...so I leave it in my bag...and forget about it until the next day or the next... or the next...or until whenever I decide to use that bag again...like today. 

I don't know why but I just forget about it! And when I see that mouldy dead apple pie in my bag, I feel so sorry, like I've let it down. I usually apologise to it before I throw it away in the bin and promise to do better next time. So I go out to buy another apple pie...and it happens again. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Great world cabaret

Yesterday I went to watch my first ... Musical? I'm not even sure what to call it. But it was SO magical. I am a huge fan of the movies, but this is truely amazing. When the girls came on stage in their glittery costumes and get ups, I was in awe!!. I was like "Omg are they real? OMG They're real!!!" Such an amazing sight! Truly!! 

The only problem I had was that when everyones singing and dancing on stage, the audience were just sitting down squarely. I felt like standing up to dance along, felt like the right thing to do because this isn't a movie hey? They're live performers and just felt so weird that everyones just sitting still. THERE SHOULD BE A DANCE FLOOR!!

But then again, we were at resorts world sentosa. It's a very classy place, even the macdonalds outside the theatre is classy...well, sort of... The counter Aunty at that macdonalds had a very strong British accent, it was quite weird especially since it was mixed with singlish. Maybe it's a requirement for the staff at this branch to be a little more "atas". 

Anyway... Sometimes I wish I could be everyone. Like life live in their shoes, be them... Be a dancer, be a whore, be a carpenter , be a performer, be a policemen, and then return back to write about that life. Saying this because while watching, I had a thought...that in the musical / acting business would probably allow for someone to have different roles all the time. 

I'd love to experience that, wouldn't you? 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"what are you doing?"
"thinking about you"
"good things?"
"good. me too"


she's the kind of girl
that every boy wants
and somehow she was mine. 
Maybe it's time to let her go. 
Dylan, though short, but real. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday night

You know that feeling when you're just minding your own business doing your work and then a super upbeat song comes up and you start tapping your feet, you start moving your body and then you put down your needle and your canvas and..it is time to dance. WHOOHOOOO. 

Btw, that upbeat song that came up was : 5 more hours - Deorro and Chris Brown.

Anyway, the best animation to describe me currently while listening to this is in this Home trailer. Fast forward to 2:05.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Nightfall's list

Whenever I wake up in the morning (or afternoon), I immediately look forward to sleeping again. Such a terrible sloth I am. Sleeping is the most creative thing ever to be honest. I dream so much all the time, its like my idea bank. Whenever I feel uninspired or depressed, I just sleep a lot.  So usually moments before I fall asleep are the most important to me...I usually have a mental checklist of what I have to do before I sleep.


1) Look at the galaxy. 


I seriously do this every night. I have this web page saved in my phone browser so its the first thing I do when I lie down on my bed. If I get sick of this picture (which is probably never), I'll just look for another picture with stars and planets and stuff like that. It reminds me that we're very small....which puts my problems into perspective. I mean, the magnitude of this world...this universe...this galaxy... just puts me to shame that I feel depressed over a stupid text. 

2) Listen to classical music. 

At the moment, I am very much in love with Slavonic Dance No.2, Op. 72. Its the best thing ever, just close your eyes, imagine lines and shapes forming with the music. For me, its an aural and visual sensation because I am synaesthetic. I see colours and associate them with music and sound, so its just very much being in touch and feeling everything... that sensation itself is extremely wonderful. So of course I stress the importance of classical. It has a certain wholeness to it that other music don't seem to have. Dubstep, R&B and the whole yada is just visually extremely messy, especially before you sleep. So no.

Listen to Slavonic Dance here. In case you're wondering:  It starts out with hues of yellow. The strings are from a range of lime green to blue hue. And then it proceeds with the bells with splatters of lilac and yellow. The lower strings are oranges and reds. The flute is most definitely a light blue hue. 

3) Read a book.

Please not books like 50 shades, I have so much to say about that book but I shall leave it for another day. Read books that allow you to reflect and ponder and think think think think think. I mean, I like to do this before I sleep because it allows for moments of reflections and I usually drift of to sleep while in thought...so it allows me to dream a lot. Good dreams, bad dreams, weird dreams...they all inspire me. I also keep a dream journal, which usually consists of very staggered writing like:

"jon pushing around...accidentally killed someone...shocked horror scared...no one says anything. Finds out that person murdered was the mayor...fbi involved...calls me to ask about jon...stalks me...stalks my family...red note on door...I give up...I confess...jon did it...wake up crying"

Books I can re-read over and over again are: Grapefruit by Yoko Ono, Letters from a Stoic by Seneca, Journals of Sylvia Plath and of course, The Bible. I like these books because I can just flip open to any page and read a short excerpt and call it a night.

4) Pray.

I pray because because I believe there is a God that is bigger and much more than I am. I am only human and I am a weak one, there is only so much I can bear...so I give my worries and anxiety to God. I pray also because I trust that there is a God that will take care of me, so I want to thank him for that. I pray because there are things that I cannot control, there are things that I have to let go, there are issues...so many things... When I think of prayer, I think of it as wrapping a parcel and sending it away. A parcel that contains things that you can't have or things that you cling on to that are not good for you...so you present it nicely with nice washi tape and nice wrapping paper because you're cute like that...and then  give it to someone saying "take it from me, these things I can't keep so please burn them for me." and the person does that for you and says "I got it, I'm here for you, I love you" and you say " thank you, thank you and thank you"

and then you close your eyes.

and you go to sleep.
sometimes with a smile on your face.
sometimes with tears in your eyes.
sometimes just knocked out from exhaustion.

but you will always go to sleep knowing that

it will be ok.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Have you fallen sick before? 
I'm sure you have. And I'm sure you'd know it because you feel uncomfortable, you know something is wrong. 

Today I feel sick. Sick in the mind, in the brain. Everything makes sense and then doesn't make sense. I lose my mind over the littlest things. You might say I'm just having a bad day. Perhaps. But do you tell a person having a flu that perhaps she's having a bad day. Perhaps.


Today is not a good day. Perhaps it's time to let you go. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Life in progress and Pancakes

Its been a week of ups and downs, I mean, there will always be ups and downs...but this week its more bumpy. However, I've resolved a lot of issues, so thats great...its not instantly solved but its still work in progress...life itself is a lot of work in progress isn't it.

And also I fell ill. But nothing I can't fight, just feeling extremely weak at the moment whilst typing this. My thoughts are also coming to me in random bits. I have so much to say, so maybe blogging after medication is not a very good idea haha.

I wish to write about my point of realisation today:

So I was in bed for the past 24 hours, drugged out and resting. This morning when I woke up, I had a sudden craving for Pancakes. Not any pancakes but the pancakes from macdonalds. I thought about the idea for a bit and contemplated whether I should get out of bed to get pancakes. I sat up and I felt dizzy, I tried to stand and I felt like fainting. Its like that for me every time I fall sick, I get extremely weak. But the vision of me eating pancakes was so overpowering! I just have to get pancakes!! There was no one at home so I decided that if I want pancakes, I needed to do something and not just sit around and wish for one.

So I really did! Omg I can't believe it. In my weak state, I put on a baseball cap to hide my bed hair and took a bus down to macdonalds in my pyjamas and my morning face. My legs felt like they were going to give way seriously, but I kept thinking about how glorious the pancakes would taste, and I kept going. It felt so crazy, my mom would be so angry if she found out. It was like a mission. I felt so determined. I chuckled at how funny this was if I were to die and it makes headlines "GIRL DIES ON BUS ON THE WAY TO GET PANCAKES"because, seriously I felt like I was going to die. Halfway on the bus my stomach started to hurt so bad and I was in so much pain. Have you felt  that kind of intense pain that all you hear and feel is WHITE? (Pain is white btw) But NO, I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE PAIN ...so then I journeyed on....to find my pancakes.

But to cut to the chase, I got my pancakes finally (I upsized it too hooray) and I made it home safely. I had a glorious breakfast of pancakes and sausage with salted butter and maple syrup while reading Shonagon whilst listening to Debussy. It was one of the most wonderful mornings EVER and whatever discomfort I went through was totally worth it. I realised its the same in life, if you want something, you go get it. As simple as that. Fix your eyes on the goal and get it.

Time to rest. The medication is finally kicking in. May you dream of pancakes tonight :) xx

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Things that (really) make me happy

I've been reading this book called The Pillow Book and its amazing. I love it so much. Its written So so so so long ago but it has lots of verses and observations and lists that are applicable in today's world. For an example:

Things That Give a Clean Feeling

  • An earthen cup. A new metal bowl.
  • A rush mat.
  • The play of the light on water as one pours it into a vessel.
  • A new wooden chest. 

Sei Shonagon writes stuff like that and I find it extremely inspiring. I was out having drinks with a group of friends and it was such a fun time laughing and talking. As I distanced myself from my physical self being happy, I started making a list in my head.

Things that makes me happy

  • Genuine laughter.
  • When someone leans their head on my shoulder.
  • Crispy Chicken wings.
  • Playing a piano/violin duet.
  • Reading a book I can relate to.
  • Receiving letters.
  • When my mother is happy. 
  • A nice smelling comfy bed to come home to. 

Lol, totally less poetic compared to Shonagon. I was probably the only person in Harry's in that moment tonight who has ever recalled Shonagon while getting high on....snowball ( a super weak drink btw) 

What makes you happy? Lets create a list of things that make you happy and lets draw it out~ OK LETS GO~ 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gypsy nights

"Let's do dinner tonight" 
"Ok. Wear black. Let's be witches tonight"
"Ok I'll bring candles."
"I brought my violin so maybe we can play some tunes
"Ok great I'll bring mine too" 

Great nights start with being completely random and having a friend with the same amount of crazy genes to do the same amount of crazies. 

Just imagine candles being lit all around on the ground littered with dried leaves and insects. We were jumping and walking around playing, it was such a miracle that our long black dresses didn't catch fire. 

Gypsy nights. 
Love u long time x. 

Dear Future self, read this when you have kids.

Dear Future Self,

at the moment, I'm not sure what its like to be a parent. Or what is it like to be a mother. Today I had a conversation with two mentors, who are also fathers of kids about my age. One thing he said struck a chord in my heart. One of them said "I have a stent in my heart, I don't know how long more I will live, that is why I spend so much time with my family creating memories, fostering bonds that can never be replaced by anything else." The other one said "I always make an effort to hold my daughter's hand, even up till today when she is 21, I do that and she allows me to because of the bond that we have." When I heard that, I felt sad. I decided to write to you, you of the future. Today I am writing to the future you, if you ever become a parent, this is so you'll understand and remember how it feels like to be here today. Maybe you can also tell me whether its possible for a mother to ever hate her child? Or is it possible for a mother to hate her daughter? A mother and daughter's relationship is always very tricky and difficult, why is that so? Is there something I don't understand?

Perhaps it was something I did, is it possible for parents to bear resentment towards their children? I mean, parents are also human beings with real feelings, I guess it is possible. It is also possible for children to grow up bearing resentment towards their parents. Isn't it? Nobody is perfect, but then what happens when theres so much resentment and there is zero communication channel? We break apart. Please never let that happen to your own family in future.

But then I ask, what is love then? Does love change anything? Or is love just something to be said and act upon only in front of an audience? Can you say you love someone that you barely even know? Do you know you child's favourite colour? Do you know what your child likes to do? Do you know what fears your child faces? Do you know who you child's friends are? Do you know your child's hopes and dreams? Does her friends know her better than you do? Do you even know anything?  Or do you only criticise everything and anything about her..."what it this? is this even art?" Dear future self, please never ever say that to your kids. It scars them and they will remember it for life.

Dear Future self, Please also keep your promises...because even if you don't remember them, your child does. If she has a music performance and you promised to come to watch and she got tickets for you, please turn up. She will be looking into the sea of faces trying to find you. And when she doesn't find what she's looking for, she will just keep smiling knowing that you are somewhere out there in the crowd. And after her solo performance, when she realises that you didn't show up because you forgot....if that ever happens to you and you forgot your child's performance in school...please, please don't blame her. Please don't say "why didn't you remind me? I am a working adult and I am very very busy", please don't ever say that because it will break her heart. And if she cries, please don't raise your voice at her and tell her to grow up. Listen, and understand that she is hurt for a reason. Please don't shout and say "why are you crying over such a small thing? You have to understand that your mother and I are very busy." Please don't raise your voice at her. She is only 13 and at that age she has already learnt a very important lesson: her parents are too busy for her and its her fault for not understanding. She will...up to today....continue to blame herself.

Dear future self, don't ever do that. 12 years later at 25, your child will still remember the hurt and the words said. You child will continue to ask you to watch her performance or her fencing tournaments or her art exhibitions to celebrate her success together, but if you keep failing to turn up or to even show interest, your child will cease to ask you anymore. Dear Future self. Please don't let that happen. Your child wants to see that you're proud of her, that she has done something right. If you're not there, it doesn't mean so much to her anymore. You mean so much to your child, please don't let that fade.

If your child has hurt you in certain ways, please also understand that they're still learning, they're still young. Tell them, scold them, hit them even if they have done something wrong, but please don't ever ignore them without telling them what they have done wrong. When they ask "mommy, what did i do? why are you ignoring me?" please tell them whats wrong. Don't treat them like they don't exist. Don't ignore them thinking it will help them reflect on their behaviour, because NO, your child will only learn to question and blame everything on herself. Don't do that because the only lesson she will learn is that she deserves it...even when she doesn't. She is probably thinking "is it because I didn't say hello? is it because i didn't close the door? Is it because I didn't buy newspaper? is it because I didn't do this?" Suddenly everything becomes her fault when you don't tell her what she did wrong. The world becomes a heavier place. If you're angry because of the way she spoke to you, tell her. Don't ignore her and let the day pass without talking to her, she will be clueless and she will blame everything on herself without knowing why.  It is not healthy, and as an adult, she will continue to do so. Even if you're having a terrible day and you don't feel like talking, assure her with a smile or a hug or saying I love you before you sleep. Don't let a day go by without talking to your child. Please don't do that, because at 25, she will continue to blame herself for anything and everything. Dear future self, please don't do that, please don't ever use the silent treatment unless you tell your child what she did wrong. Please don't let your child grow up doubting herself.

Dear future self, please also learn how to talk to your child. It takes two hands to clap. Don't let this same situation today happen to you in the future. Don't wait till the day your child turns 25 and she doesn't know what to say to you anymore because whenever she wants to talk, you are on your iPad. Whenever she wants to tell you something, she fears discouragement and criticism from you, so she starts to build walls. Please don't let that happen. At 25, your child will probably want to learn and tell you so many things that she's experiencing and learning at this prime age, but she doesn't know how to because it will most probably lead to a quarrel or you shouting at her. A relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding. Please understand that your child is probably very different from you so please don't put her into a box that is moulded after you. She will never fit, and the more you try to fit her...the more it will hurt her. Dear future self, please remember this.

Dear future self,  if you're a mother now....and if your kids are giving you problems and issues...please remember this night when you wrote this entry in tears... and know that your child loves you very much. Whatever happens, she will always always love you so please don't let her go to sleep even for one night asking herself whether her mother loves her. Please don't let her go about her day thinking that she was a mistake and that she should have never been born. Please don't let her for a second doubt the meaning of Love and Family.

Because at the age of 25, these are probably what she will cling on to the most, these are probably the two things that she will need the most to face the world...and if they are not there and theres no support..she will write the same things to her future self and then go to sleep, probably crying because she doesn't know what to do with the resentment and guilt stored up in her. She will probably hate and blame herself for feeling this way because it is probably her fault anyway. She will probably end up blaming herself for everything, maybe she ddidnt do this, maybe she didn't do that...

maybe this ...maybe that.... maybe...

maybe she will go to sleep thinking "maybe my mom just hates me"


Monday, March 2, 2015

March Book list.

Hi today has been such a shitty day, I shall avoid ranting about it so instead! I shall talk about books. 

Here are some pretentious reading in progress photos. I like to roam around and sit at random places to read. So far my favourite reading hang outs are : botanical gardens and the skate park. Botanical gardens is a beautiful place to sit down with hot tea or soup to just spend a quiet afternoon reading...until it starts to rain, then it will be quite shitty. The skate park is a fun place to read because its very central and surprisingly quiet on weekdays afternoons. Perhaps all the skaters are still sleeping or working. But I really enjoy watching little kids having their parkour training. They're REALLY good btw, and I am seriously amazed. 

Book list for March:

1) Haunted - Chuck Palaniuk 

ok if you read my previous book list for Feb, you'll notice that this book was already on the list. But I'm not done with it yet and since I haven't written about it I shall include it in this list again. This book is absolutely enjoyable. Its so gross and makes me feel squirmish all the time. Lots of gory body parts but written very tastefully. Very unexpectedly addictive in terms of themes and content. I'm still half way through this but I'm enjoying it very much. 

2) You are not here - Samantha Schutz

HMM. I don't really know about this one. I picked it up because the page I turned to was so beautiful.

"I didn't know 
it would be the last time.
If I had,
I would have traced Brian's face,
run my fingers over his eyelids,
nose, and mouth.
I would have connected 
his freckles and beauty marks,
memorised them 
like a star chart.
I would have ruffled his soft, dark hair,
run my hands over his chest and arms.
I would have held him
measuring the space he took up in my arms.
I would have 
nestled into his neck,
smelled him,
taken all of him in-
enough to make it last 
my whole life. "

The whole book is written in a poem form, I liked it very much initially. But then it got very.... I don't know. Predictable and lame. And my last thoughts when I finished it was "omg wtf did I just read." so, no. 

3) The Journals of Sylvia Plath

I haven't read this yet. But I love sylvia plath she's amazing, I love her words so reading this would really be entering her mind and her world. I love diaries/journals. I write in a journal everyday too. I wonder when I die, if there would be a "The Journals of Teresa Lim", but it will probably be very embarrassing to read. Its not deep at all, it has a lot of surface thoughts like "OMG HE SPOKE TO ME TODAY" kinda girly stuff too like "its the time of the month again and I am bloating so much I can't fit into my jeans I am so fat. " Maybe after reading this I will be inspired like how I was with Anne Frank and I will write better stuff. 

4) My Year of Meals - Ruth Ozeki

I haven't read this too, but Ruth Ozeki is my favourite author at the moment because I really enjoyed A Tale for the Time Being. I wrote about it here. So I have lots of faith in this book. Cant wait to start reading this. 


I aim to finish all these 4 books by end of march, I'll let you know how it goes! But for now, heres a leafy book mark to bring around with me. I made it because I was feeling very negative today, very overwhelmed by everything...in a blue way. I thought a lot about the concept of life + death which led me to start experimenting on plants for my new set of works. Well, its still in progress so this was just a trial, but i'm loving it quite a lot...so its now gonna be my book mark. 

so thats all for tonight. Goodnight! Joel took this funny photo of me today, it works as an appropriate goodnight photo. ciao~