Thursday, February 5, 2015

Letters and such.

Heres a stash of letters I found tucked away in mini boxes in a forgotten drawer. When I found them, I was practically so happy like OMG OMG I CANT BREATHE WHAT ARE ALL THESE. I have completely forgotten about all of them. There are SO MANY. In this post I will share some of my favourites. There are really some funny ones about getting pregnant and what not haha. These were probably written when I was 13-18, so imagine 5 years of letters, its really a lot. 

Its so interesting when I read some of the letters my friends wrote to me saying "you're so lucky you know what you want to do in the future..that you want to be a business woman and work in a bank" and when I read that I was like LOL WHUT. Business woman, omg no thank you. So I continued to read on..." yeah because like, what else would you do? ART? You're like the least art person I know.


On Manga & Disney : 

"Do you know the comic 'Tantei Revolution'? Its about this detective who is a teenager n she's real pretty n clever too! She lost her father when she was only 5. Her father was killed so she was brought to a police station. There, she was treated well n later she got adopted by a police man called Dan...if you like the story, I can lend it the others to you, I have 5 books on that... Do you like Disney Characters? Anyway, I gave you some papers with disney characters..."

On failure? : 

"Results from the Germany trip is out...I'm sure I can't get in. Geog test sucks! I wrote crap *sigh* wad ever. See you at recess... if I'm late, wait for me outside 2e4 classroom." 

On Getting to know friends: 

" I'm not that good at talking so I prefer to use msn..."


On First Love : 

" hey girl...well since the both of us are ditched by our guys, I guess we are even but you seem so upset. You miss him is it? It is ok, it is not easy to let go of someone you really love. Girl, you are young and actually this is not the right time to be super serious. Guys and girls treat each other like toys... remember love is something you give and you for now, I'm going to be OK and alright...maybe going steady soon with one ACS(I) guy..LOL...girl, just remember I'm here for you. "


Well, I guess we were so bored that we could write such long letters. lol. no I don't even want to go there.


" Ps: Thank you for your sweet, was looking for something to eat"

But the funniest one has got to be this: 

" *Hallelujah* Mr Soh is gone. I mean, he talks as slow as...I have no idea! How is Mad Tan? Does she really masturbate in class? Gosh! I hope not! That would just would be really...really...weird." 


Well, we were young once. Looking back, I do have so many memories and stories to tell especially that of boy crushes. I should write about it someday. But you see, these is why writing is so precious and important, more so in this day and age because it has become so easily replaced by emails and technology. After finding this stash of letters and words, I am even more determined to keep writing. I've mailed out a few post cards to my new pen pal mates, hopefully they have received them. Everyday I get so excited to come home to check the letter box to see if they have written back yet. :D


I'm going to sleep now.

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