Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My week of food

One thing I love about being in Singapore is that there is such a large variety of food everywhere, and almost everything is so yummy. Heres my week, in food. This is not a food blog, these are just my thoughts, so...

1) Chicken Rice

Where: Somewhere along Princep Street, I don't know the address.
Price: SGD$3.50
Thoughts while eating: I only have 15mins to eat. Why are there so many pigeons on the other table. I hope they never come near me, I hate pigeons. omg they are staring at me. I need to eat this at top speed and leave. 

2) Garlic Kani Fried Rice 

Where: Sakae Sushi Tepanyaki 
Price: SGD$5
Thoughts while eating : *silent orchestral fireworks exploding inside my tummy* This is so good, should I offer it to my friends to try? They are asking me to try. Should I share? What Would Jesus Do? 

3) Creamy Lobster Bisque 

Where: Soup Stock Tokyo (313) 
Price: SGD$12
Thoughts while eating: I only have 15mins to eat. oh I really hope these chunks in the soup are lobster dices and not onions because I hate onions. 

4) Prawn Zi Char

Where: Somewhere along Farrer Park.
Price: I am not sure.
Thoughts while eating: I hope I packed my antihistamine in my bag, because hell is about to break loose. 

5) Poached Eggs with honey baked ham + muffin 

Where: Oriole
Price: SGD$15
Thoughts while eating: Should I eat with one hand and use the other hand to prop my book up so I can read? Or should I put my book down and eat with both hands? And what time is it, why is Colin not here yet. 

6) Subway Teriyaki Chicken + Egg Mayo + cheddar cheese + no vegetables

Where: Subway
Price: SGD$11
Thoughts while eating: I only have 15mins to eat this. Should I walk and eat? But what if a pigeon attacks me? 

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