Monday, May 25, 2015

Print Brand ALERT: My Tulisan

As a textile designer and illustrator, I have a huge love for prints. Think: Marimekko, Elley Kishimoto, Cath Kidston. If you're thinking "sure, but any close to home in asia?", I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU: My Tulisan

My Tulisan is a brand from Indonesia founded by artist Melissa Sunjaya as her way of capturing her thoughts and infusing her emotions into her surroundings. I love this concept! Absolutely! Its what I strive to do as an artist too so Im really inspired by her and her brand. When I visited their first flagship store in Singapore I was completely blown away, prints everywhere! 

RIGHT!? I also love that every print has a story and a process that comes with it. And if you know me well I have a completely weakness for lifestyle products so this shop made my knees weak, I just wanted to take everything. And as a textile graduate I also have to point out that each piece is hand screen printed, so each piece that you own is treated with love and creativity and respect of artisans and craftsmen.

Just think of the labour and work that goes into producing these prints, layers of colour separation, hours of waiting to dry, days of test printing. If you're a creative I'm sure you'd totally understand and you'd have the same appreciation for brands like these and the artist behind it. Don't you?

Thank you My Tulisan for gifting me with such lovely prints that brighten up my wardrobe and life. I mean, really, a hard cover a4 sketchbook that comes with such a lovely print!! Bags with large oversized prints in bold colours!! IM SOLD!!

TOP: Zara
BOTTOM: Uniqlo
SHOES: Pedro
BAG: My Tulisan.  (shop online)

Flagship store in Singapore: 
Mandarin Gallery
Level 4, Unit 28
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

Have a lovely lovely printyy week~~  draw more and write more and inspire people all around. xx

Guilty Pleasures, Endocytosis and Sigh Balls.

How was your weekend? Did you finally catch up on your sleep? Did you go away on a vacation? or did you have to work? I really don't think people should work on weekends it should be completely illegal just saying. but anyway...

My weekend: 
1) I went to a really cool bar called The Library. You have to look out for the password to enter the bar. They have really amazingly creative drinks. I had a pineapple cocktail that was served in a tiki tiki cup which was so cool because it came with the fog and flowers and everything. My friend had a drink that came with popcorn, and another that came with peas. 

The password yesterday was Poker In The Rear. But all I could hear was poke her in the rear, but let's not go there...

2) Whiskey whiskey. Dancing with a glass cup of whiskey in your hands is not a very good idea because a) you smash it into people's faces when your favourite song comes on and b) it drips everywhere and everyone but no one cares so it's fine. 

3) 33 year old angmoh uomini fascinated by 1kg spinning ball in the water. 

4) 7am, Slept in yesterday's clothes. 

5) Sighs around the house. I think if Sighs are visible like a white foam ball or something like overtime someone sighs a white ball appears, the whole house will be filled with Sigh Balls that I wont be able to get to the kitchen without effort. I'd have to waddle in a pool of white Sigh Balls. SIGH. 

btw completely unrelated but Yknow what endocytosis is? I want to describe how I've been feeling the whole week but the only word or process that can describe it is Endocytosis

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Book List

Books and words influence my thoughts. Sometimes I think about a particular phrase a lot, sometimes I reflect upon it and it gives me new insight to an old situation. Here are a list of books that I've read and would recommend with all my heart. 

  1. Year Of Meats- Ruth Ozeki. I've read "A tale of a time being" by Ozeki and I fell in love with it SO MUCH, that I had to buy another title under her to read more of her words and true enough, this book has so much depth and soul. 
  2. Lullaby- Chuck Palahniuk. If you're into religion and ethics, read this now. 
  3. The Examined Life- Stephen Grosz. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. Its about psychoanalysis and t it gives you so much insight to life. 
  4. Quirkology- Richard Wiseman.  If you like science and psychology. 
  5. Confessions of a Sociopath- M.E Thomas. again, if you like psychology. 
  6. Letteres from a Stoic- Seneca. I can't get enough of this book. Its a book that I can read over and over and over again and get inspired all over again. Every bookshelf needs this book. 
I've been reading some amazing books this month, I can't wait to share them in June's book list!! Lots of gender studies and books on women. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I got lost. 

I was wandering, wandering, wandering. All that was on my mind was You. I got on the wrong bus, but decided to take it through anyway. I sat through all the way and finished my book, finished my writings, and took a deep breath. Now. Where am I. 

Its days like this that I find myself through wandering, through getting lost.
Like ooh, look, a wonderful corner of rubbish. My thoughts are with the people who once used them. My thoughts are with you. My thoughts are with the man who used to sit on that chair, that stool, that table and have his dinner whilst waiting for his children to come home from work. Perhaps they've moved out and he no longer eats at that table, he eats alone in his room with the tv blaring on. Perhaps he no longer needs the chair because he has upgraded to a nicer one that massages instead of giving him bruises on his back. 

Perhaps one day we trade our past memories for better ones. Perhaps one day. The memories of pain and bruises will be gone. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekend Getaway With BANDWAGON

HI! what a week really. I was so extremely busy, but super thankful for this weekend get away to Genting Highlands with Bandwagon. If you're thinking "what is Bandwagon?", please check it out here. If you like music and festivals, CLICK ON THE LINK NOW!! 

It was such a good trip, with beer and crazy music on the bus. Can you imagine though, partying on the bus. Initially I was thinking like "oh my, isn't everybody going to get motion sickness", do you dance on a moving bus. Clearly, I was wrong. It is possible! And there is also this thing called seat dancing, which is extremely doable. Just sit down and move your hands around. SEAT DANCING. 

My job there is actually to paint people with neon glow in the dark paints on the bus, and if you're thinking "how to paint on a moving bus?" and yes you are right, painting on a moving bus with people dancing is very much impossible. But when you put the right people all on the same bus, with the same amount of crazies, crazy things happen. So thats what happened. Neon paint smearing everywhere! 

The whole purpose for the neon paints was to tie in with the fact that we were on our way to Genting to catch the iLuminate dance show. And it was SO amazing I promise you. The lights and all, the only thing I didn't get was the story line, but then again, it might just be me. 

I shall now leave you with some pictures! 

Monday, May 4, 2015



by the way, how was your weekend? Hopefully everything went alright. Mine was...well, annoying. Let me share. Yknow how everyone has their "firsts" for everything. First Times. Not to sound mean at all, but it was my first time meeting someone with a huge ego with the brain size of a chia seed. I've never met someone with this two combination before. Just 45 minutes into the lunch and I couldn't bear to listen anymore, I had to get away before I self destruct or wring my arm out just so I could have something to throw at him. I could read him like a book and he has the words "ALPHA- MALE-WANNABE" written on his forehead, I usually have high tolerance for people who say idiotic things so this friend (actually now ex-friend)...could have won a prize for being the most intolerable person I've EVER met in my entire life.

A small tiny snippet of the conversation would go something like this:

[[after 30 mins talking about himself and saying negative things about me in an attempt to do this thing called  "negging" which actually really doesn't work on me btw... and telling me how to live my life and how his colleague at work desperately adores him which is quite a disgusting thing to say to make yourself seem "desirable" because truly desirable people don't need so say anything for others to know that they're desirable and they also probably do not have brains the size of a chia seed and a mouth as big as yours. ]]

x: *continues to talk about himself oblivious about how bored I am and more ridiculous and absolutely immature he sounds*

t: so anyway...tell me your views on institutionalised racism.

x: what?!! Guys don't like girls who talk about stuff like these. its an extreme turn off.

OMG ok GOOD. Turn off. wheres your off button. shut up. please stop making noise.
You insult me, you insult my job, you insult my work, you insult my beliefs and my life, and if thats not enough, you insult my friends... I'm beyond turned off, I'm absolutely disgusted. but there there....

I shall leave you with a quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray

"I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters,  and my enemies for their intellects. A man can never be too careful in the choice of his enemies." - Oscar Wilde

I don't know what category to put him under since he fits none of the three mentioned. As disgusting as he is, he definitely doesn't fit into the category of enemy. So chill, and be well. The bitching shall end here and I will say goodnight.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Brighter Day

oh its so difficult to write about feelings,
these feelings I have, swirling swirling swirling, 
like a dark black curse about to engulf.
Oh Anya, do you know how I feel!!

oh how my mind stirs,
how should I say goodnight,
how do I sleep
when you're not in sight.
oh Anya, fight for me please, 
with all your might! 

It difficult! 
I write and I tear and I write and I tear.
Take these away please for I can't bear the night.
oh Anya, come here, feel my heart and then rip it out.
Rip it out! so that I will never feel for him again. Rip it out! 

Anya, Anya! I'm sick!!
Make me one of your warrior potions,
so that when daylight comes,
my mind will be free again.
Take this sickness away, 
Anya, promise me tomorrow will be a brighter day.