Monday, February 9, 2015

Out of here~

Whilst talking to my Oma over Skype just now, I realised that I miss her and Opa so much and she was like "oh when are you going to come over and help me plant some flowers...when are we going to Munich...when are we going this and that" OMG I need to get out of Singapore now. I just spent one hour looking at flights out of here, I am so afraid I might do something impulsive like just book a flight out to Germany tomorrow. I know that I am very very capable of that.

Then I remembered this movie scene where the lead actress literally froze her credit cards in the freezer in a block of ice... so to get to it she had to either wait for it to melt or physically try to break it. And then whilst waiting, she'll either not want to buy what she wanted to buy anymore, or just collapse out of exhaustion. I THINK I NEED TO DO THAT. I just told my maid to hide my card. Give it back to me tomorrow!!! But for now!! Please help me!!! hide it!!

Work trips are great because I get to travel, but at the moment I will be in Singapore. So does anybody wants to pack me in a container and ship me to somewhere exotic? I totally wouldn't mind. :D

Speaking of which, I am extremely thrilled that my travel embroidery series is getting a lot of media attention online. Its absolutely exciting for me and I am so extremely encouraged by everyones kind words. Thank you for your lovely words and support!! This month I will be working on adding Singapore to my Sew Wanderlust series. I mean, since I'm here for awhile I should just make use of my time here before I fly off to somewhere else. Which might be Japan and then Korea and then Germany & Paris in June and then NY in December. I am extremely stoked. I HOPE I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. Can I sell brownies to raise funds for my travels? Do airlines except tears as payment? Can I pay in tears?


  1. Hi! I'd like to ask how you embedded (or sort of linked) your Instagram to your blogger page? :D Your blog's amazing by the way! And I love your embroidery! :) Keep up, Tee! <3

  2. Hi Teresa... my name is Priscila... and I'm a brazilian fan. Your work just amazed me. I posted on my blog about you because it's simple wonderful the way that you put together two of my favorite things. About the credit card... I'm trouble, cause different of the character of the movie that you mencioned, I decided to follow Rachel (from FRIENDS) and I memorized my credit card number... since my husband tried to hide it from me. LOL.

    Anyway... enjoy your adventures and share with us. I'm sure your parents love u and miss u too... but I believe that they are always cheering for your success. And when the rigt time come, you will enjoy their companionship.

    Good luck...

    1. Hi Priscila, thank you for stopping by my blog! Thank you also for your kind words and encouragement. :) Yes it is a good thing that i have a very bad memory so I cannot memorise my credit card number hahaha.

      Yes I will definitely continue to write about my adventures, and yes my parents are very supportive so thats great! :) Hope to travel to brazil one day soon! :)


  3. Your work is amazing! Love the Wanderlust series! Will you ever offer them in pattern form for the rest of us so we can live vicariously through you?