Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Take time to read

Reading: do llamas fall in love. 

In the midst of a busy day, decided to sit down at a quiet spot to read and eat a sandwich. I usually like to read for about 1hr, but my phone kept going off!! T_T it's such a busy month, I can't wait to do nothing again... 

My blog viewership has also skyrocketed like super crazy, I'd never imagine so many people reading my words and thoughts, I'm so astonished. But Hello to you new readers. I hope you had a good day. 


  1. Just posted a comment and lost apologies if you get two...just wanted to say your travel embroideries are truly inspiring! You represent alot that I love, i.e. travel, needlework (although my skills are not quite as developed as yours :) and Singapore! (one of my fave places that I've been blessed to visit 5 times, which is alot considering I come from South Africa). Our education paths are also linked, as I have a degree in Consumer Science - fashion major. (doing honours now). But SO wow - combining your talent and passion for travel..thankyou for inspiring by your uniqueness!!

    1. Hi Lana!

      thank you so much for your kind words~ its so encouraging to hear from people from all over the world when they reach out to say lovely things. I am truly honoured and humbled. it is definitely my goal to travel all over the world and collect all these embroidery pieces, so maybe south africa soon! :D

      x, tee