Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yoyo Ma


I had a break down. I left a meeting halfway because I couldn't take it. It was so strange I was just looking at my client mouth his words but I can't hear anything, my mind just froze and I just wanted to eat steak. So I really did, I left and took a cab down to my favourite steak house at My Village and I ate 2 portions of 250g Ribeye steak. It was SO good I promise you. I went home to sleep. I did nothing. I just slept. 


I am still feeling the after effects. I don't know what this is. But I feel this heavy feeling still hovering over me. I ate and cried while eating my subway, I think people were like wtf whats wrong with her. A kind man asked if I was ok, so I turned to him with my mouth stuffed with my tuna + egg mayo sandwich, and I just nodded and told him that I was just very moved by Yoyo Ma's music. And then he laughed, and I laughed and we laughed and I continued to eat my sandwich and continued to listen to Yoyo Ma.


will be better, with Yoyo Ma by my side. 

if anyone is wondering why did I put up a selfie pic of myself instead of Mr Ma since the title of todays post is in honour of him... its because I recently got some eyelash extensions with Kiyone + Lim. so. OF COURSE must take selfie. Very natural eyelashes and I even put some pink lashes at the side. hehehe. It was so well done there's like zero irritation and it feels so light and nice.

But it was so funny because I fell asleep and I had a nightmare whilst getting my eyelash extensions and I woke up very violently. Like my arms just jolted upwards and then I also did a loud snore + snorted sound thing and I woke up realising where I was and I was like OMG IM SO SORRY I SLEPT AT 6AM. and the kind lady who was clearly very shocked just kept saying "oh its okay. daijoubu~daijoubu~~" I think she could tell that I was extremely embarrassed. But it was so funny, I am laughing to myself now as I am typing this hahaha. 

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