Friday, December 5, 2014

London's dejavu.

To be honest, coming to London directly right after experiencing Japan was a huge difference. ( I actually came back from Tokyo, went home to sleep for 4 hours and then went back to the airport to fly to London, #shag) Tokyo was so vibrant and lovely, but London's a little gloomy for me. Theres very little sun, very grey and its always rainy. :( Nonetheless, the food here is everything I love. Carbs cArBs AND more carbs. \^_^/ 

So heres what went down in London: 


First time taking Emirates, and I have to say...their inflight entertainment system is seriously Da Bombz. They classify their music into music periods and in ascending order, they have Dead Poet Society and Breakfast Club. They have so many freakin awesome shows and music. They also had inflight wifi. I felt like I was taking a bus. (except that my ear pressure kept irritating me) 

And after 2748927395723702883432 hours, I was finally on the ground and I needed food. So niks brought me to NANDOS because I had a super immense potato craving. I love potatoes btw, like anything potatoes I love. Nandos really take their potatos making business very seriously btw. FUWAFUWA maximum.

The big ben looks absolutely magnificent I promise. But standing here was SO SO SO cold for me. My tolerance for cold is not that high. But this was really quite a view. I kept mixing up the names though, like "hey, lets go see Ben Ten" and Niks would be like "wtf tee, its Big Ben" and i'd be like "yeah sure, lets go see Big Ten" and I'm not even doing it on purpose. The cold is really messing with my brain.  I went to a ramen shop in tottenham court, and told the waitress to delete the spring onions. Its the cold, its lagging my brain.

Burgers + Lobsters / SKETCH 

All I can say about this place is, absolutely divine. I craved this for 2 years. I died when I ate this srsly. Price : 20 pounds. Aboout SGD$40. But worth it. Promise you. 

French fine dining~ 

"a restaurant gamble you cannot loose,
sketch has four that you can choose."

this french restaurant has 4 room themes and they're all so surreal, we ate in the pink room...also called The Gallery which is filled with surreal sometimes creepy illustrations. Food was uhmahzingggggg. (price is also amazing too, more on that later) And also, it was my first time trying escargots! I was enjoying it a little until Michie told me to stop thinking of snails. hahahahah, but nonetheless, it was good.

The toilet here is also another thing to write about. Its genderless, and each person just goes into a pod to do their stuff. There was also a chamber maid to close the doors of the pods for you. Extremely surreal. 

Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park

You have no idea how long i've waited for this. I LOVE christmas markets so so soooo much. This is singapore's pasar malam upgraded by 50 times. 

The rest of london 

Well, I've actually worked in London before so this place feels more like a visit. I'll go on the tubes and feel so much dejavu like omggggg I remember this, I remember that station. I'd go to Primark and remember spending all my money there on knits that I don't even wear back home anymore. I'd go to Oxford Circus and remember how I bought so much TOPSHOP stuff that I don't know where they are now. I'd walk past TESCOS and remember the time I waited outside the shop for 5pm so that I could buy the beef on a discounted clearance price. So much dejavu. I'm so happy to be here. :D 

Primark shopping, stumbled across an F cup. I could put my whole face in there. 

And here is a part of London that I can take home with me :)
Happy desu.


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