Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts and memories

Whilst clearing my room for the new year, I took some time to read through my past journals and thought books. And I don't think I fully understand myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading from a more matured version of me in 2010, and sometimes I feel not. I read crazy things and i read sad things. I feel everything. Like they are all my sisters. 

Also, I found some illustrations and doodles that I did for fun that are long forgotten. Feels nice looking through them. Here are some: 

I love writing and documenting stuff. It means a lot to me. I usually have a blank note book that I carry around with me to write or draw stuff whenever~ it won't mean much now but 5 or 10 years down, it becomes so freakin precious. 

Hey you, Start one this coming year ;)  

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