Sunday, December 7, 2014

Berlin (1)

I think travelling teaches me so many things and I experience so many different new things that kinda forces me to grow up. I mean, I think I've grown a lot in terms of thinking and perception over these years, but there are lots of things to learn about life that you can't if you're always safe and comfortable. Being immersed in another country makes you see different things, and if you're lost with no wifi and no nothing, you've just got to survive....and I feel that this forces you to grow up. At least for me, that is the case. 

The feeling when you have absolutely no one to rely on except yourself, is quite liberating and scary at the same time. But thats life, you come into life alone, and you die alone. But anyway, being in Berlin made me think a lot. I feel so alienated from everything, like what a strange place to be in. German words everywhere and I can't read or understand anything, people look at me strangely, you order food and you don't get what you order because of some communication problem...suddenly I felt so vulnerable and I wanted some familiarity. I think the worst hit me on Thursday, nikki and I went to have breakfast at some weird place, and no one there speaks english and I got scrambled eggs and they weighed the eggs on my plate...thats so strange to me. And everyone at the breakfast place was like 200 years older than us. No smiles, all cold. Such a weirdddddddd feeling. Like a weird nightmare. So alone in a crowd of people. 

so weird, but I embraced all these emotions. I wrote them down to remember everything, and at that moment, I think I reached a different place in thought and mind.

But srsly, I've learnt so much. About surviving, about emotions, about myself, about the history in germany, about the war, about people. SO MANY THINGS. Life is so short, and there are really so many things to do, and so much room to grow. What a wonderful feeling~

For the farther I travel, the closer I am to myself.
And thats what matters the most to me.
I believe it'll be okay. :)

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