Saturday, December 20, 2014

All these roads lead back to home.


I've been trying to keep up with typing here to keep track of my travel thoughts. But opening up my mac takes too much effort so I've been writing a lot in my travel journal, but so today I shall make an effort to blog. 

This post is dedicated to the steak in Prague. YUM YUM YUM. 
I ate steak almost everyday. Its morning! What do I want to eat? STEAK! Its lunch time! What do I want to eat? STEAK! Its dinner! What shall I eat? STEAK!! Prague is seriously my happy place. Everything is good, service is good everywhere mostly, people are friendly, amazing architecture. I would definitely want to come back here again, also to feed the swans. 

I shall leave you with some steak photos. 

My final piece for Prague. I love the castles and old buildings everywhere in this beautiful country, so now i have one piece to take home~ :D I seriously can't wait to hang everything up on my wall when I get back home.

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