Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The rest of Tokyo~

Tokyo is beautiful. It's so so so beautiful and colorful and amazing. I'm typing this from London, and there's a stark contrast because the weather is so gloomy here~~~~ I'll post up some photos soon! But here's what went down in Tokyo a few days ago~ 

Wandered to some neighbourhood point. so many fat cats did I mention?!
Please keep your hands off, OK?!
Yuki San selling my prints to super cool bunch of people. The whole event has like so many cool people , like a fashion magazine come to life. 
And all the men wears suits and ties with sneakers. SO FREAKIN COOL. 
After a long day, okutsukare sama deshita~~~ 
Went to meet kelly and friends~ for some burger goodness at Shimokitazawa, it's so crazy to get there I got lost. I had no wifi so basically I was wandering around relying on my super basic Japanese to ask people for directions. So anyway, I asked the first guy I saw, and turned out he was mute, so he read my lips and pointed to this train and I just hopped on. 
So many stops later~~~~ I still don't hear this word "shimokitazawA" so I felt pretty screwed. I got off and it was some deserted station, but thank goodness I saw a cool guy and he spoke very little English like how I spoke very little jPanese and we became Facebook friends and he's cute thanks. But he's so very kind he brought me to the station and made sure I met my friends before he left. Arigatou~~~

So here I am! With burgers and friends!
Josiah recommended this super large coke. It's HUGE!!!!
indie crepe store. So freakin cool this place. It's decorated with Disney toys and decor. 
Here's the store owner making crepes in her mini studio. Kawaii~~~~

Minna San~ thank you for coming out to play! I had so much fun thank you~~~~ :D
Took a train cRrying so many ding dongs from the hotel to the airport. Achievement unlocked srsly. 
Thank you UNTITLED, for such an amazing experience and so much fun~~~ stay tuned for the collaboration collection with UNTITLED. Samples are coming in soon! And they will be sold in Japan stores next year in feb. I think. Hahahaha.

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