Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Berlin's East side gallery

My last day in Berlin and the sun is finally out~~~ time to play! The weather totally affects people's mood, when it's dark and gloomy, people (myself included) generally are so grouchy and meh. But when it's sunny, suddenly everyone knows how to smile. 

Getting around Berlin is quite easy, so we somehow found our way to the east of Berlin when the East Side gallery is. Here are some photos~ 

and ironically, the day when the sun is finally out, is also the day my body decides to fall sick. Being sick in winter is so so miserable. My nose keeps leaking and I can't stop sneezing. My chest and head hurts. :( and it's so cold. True story: went into a somewhat convinient store like a Guardian, (but it's called DM here in Germany) to get medicine or something that could help somehow. And ALL the medicine stocked up were in German. T_T so we tried asking for help, but no one there at that moment understood what we wanted ;( So we had to rely on pictures on the boxes. As long as there was some indication of a nose on the packaging box, it had to be that. THIS IS WHY PACKAGING IS SO IMPORTANT OMG. why do boxes just have flowers on them. 

Like whyyyyyyy. T_T

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