Saturday, December 20, 2014


Today, a thousand feet up in the air and all I can think of is you. How you were helpless, stripped of hope, and manage such a childhood. How you had no where to go in the middle of the night, how you must have felt, so lost and desolated. A tear runs down your cheek and you quickly brush it away before I can see it. I can hear your pain from your cracked voice and see the sorrow from your eyes. A thousand feet up in the air, I thought about fate. I thought about how it is possible that we don't know each other and suddenly you are in my life and I in yours, and strange that I feel like I've known you for a long time, like it belongs. 

I teared. 

I feel conflicted at times. To build up walls, or not. Stories from here stories from there. Some lies, some pride, some just plain unnecessary.  Some take harder paths, and some don't. And halfway we might lose each other, but look where we are. So put pride away, put ego aside because beneath it all, we are the same. Family, or friends, or foe? In situations where I am forced to put up walls, I would still choose to love. 

and I would choose love over and over again...
because life is really too short to be anything but happy

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