Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prague: city of dreams

The journey to Prague was such a crazy one, I don't know how I did it. 

The night before, I was at Amsterdam, and there was a storm very early in the morning. I was hoping that the storm would come to a halt or a drizzle before I have to head to the airport. It was so freakin cold and rainy. And when I woke up at 5am, it was still SUPER stormy. The hammock was going round and round in circles and the wind was howling. SO scary. But if you have a plane to catch, you just have to drag your ass out and brace the wind. 

I think because I expected it to be super bad, when I went through it...it didn't feel that bad at all. I was like...hmm, yeah, this is alright. And so we made our way back to berlin for lunch. The flight was so short, but I totally just knocked out after sitting down. I didn't even bother to remove my coat, i just slumped down on the chair and slept and woke up in Berlin. AND IT SNOWED IN BERLIN...well...kinda. It was so magical, I think I cried a little. I have never seen anything so beautiful before. I was so happy I tell you. I was SO happy. 

and then from Berlin, off we went on a train to Praha. 

I love capturing my travels as much as possible. I receive so much visual information when I'm somewhere new, and sometimes photos just don't do justice! So I observe and try to sketch as much as possible, and yyknow...even looking at a rough sketch of a building I can actually remember it visually clearer than a photograph. And its much more precious than a photograph don't you think? I feel this way even more so with embroidery, because when I sit there in the freezing cold embroidering and observing details and colour, I feel that I am imprinting all these visual information forever in my head and on fabric of course. Even when I look back at this embroidery piece, I remember the exact scene so perfectly, and its like I can take back a part of the country with me.

Its a nice feeling, really. When I'm back, of course I would miss the place, but I feel that I still have the place with me...so its not too bad. Like when I look at the Charles Bridge in Prague, I can say that I KNOW it, because well, I do! My eyes travelled through every single rock and brick and colour and moss. I know it, and its with me now, forever~

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