Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Books / People

On the plane back to Berlin this morning, I had a fleeting thought before I dozed off: like a book, sometimes it has this ability to enchant you and you stay forever enchanted by the book. Even though after finishing it, you're still very much in love with the book. (Such as my love for V. C andrews) And some books, you like it at the start and then it gets boring and draggy and the plot gets predicatable, so you put it down. (The equivilent of Charles dickens, it might be a classic to some, but it's damn boring to me no offense) 

But then again, there are also some books that are super hard and dry to read in the beginning because there are just too many names and lengthy words, but once you push through the first half of the book, you uncover the gem of the second half and then you grow to love it even more. (Like... The game of thrones)

And also, let's not forget about the books that has a very pretty and pristine cover but has zero content inside... 

And then there are some books, like the one I saw at the museum yesterday at Amsterdam, it is called GrapeFruit by Yoko Ono, but I didn't get it. I wanted it but not bad enough. But today on the plane, I keep thinking about it and thinking about the possibilities and the joy of actually devouring the books contents and all the colors it will have. And I thought to myself: the next time I see it, I will definetely buy it. 

And then suddenly I realised, books are also the same as people.

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