Saturday, December 20, 2014

Laufersweiler with Love

well I don't really know where to start. Its been such an amazing week and I've learnt so much. I've heard so many stories, both heartbreaking ones and the ones that bring a smile to your face. Occasionally it hurt, but most importantly, I've learnt about love

Oma lives in germany with Opa in this place called Laufersweiler. They live in a very quaint and cozy house in the country side, so I thought since I'm in europe I should just pop by and visit them. And so coincidentally my somewhat extended family are coming over too, on the same day! Imagine! 
I've been so spoilt the whole time there. Oma makes the most amazing breakfast spread ever. Theres everything, and can I also add that she grows her own fruits and plants and makes AMAZING jam out of her crops. More pictures when you scroll down! 

Oma and Opa looking extremely cute even after 40 years. 
Here is Oma looking extremely pleased with her jam collection . She even labelled every jar. I need to live here forever. 

Early christmas dinner at Gugu's. So yummy, I ate too much and coma-ed.
Opa seriously loves birds. He spends most of his time taking beautiful photos of birds. Super cute. And every morning during breakfast, he would put a few of his favourite shots on a flash drive and let the pictures play in a slideshow on the TV. I think this a great idea instead of watching tv. We gather as a family and look through photos and memories and create conversation. I think this is great, until they started showing pictures of chicken rice and fish ball noodles, and then I got a bit home sick. :(

Taking battle ship very seriously. 

What a great week~~~  Happy girl is happy. I honestly didn't think I'd survive because of the first night. Ok ghost story time. When we first reached home, Opa said that he hopes that I don't mind their house because its a witch house. (He meant that its small/cozy/old) but I took it literally, that it belonged to witches. Scenes from the Conjuring and Annabelle started to replay in my head and I was seriously freaked out. But anyway, on the first night I went to bed after reading and suddenly jolted up awake in sweat. So i went to turn down the heater, but whilst doing so I realised that it was only 12am. But it felt like I slept for a really long time, so I double checked with my phone. And my phone says that its 315am. So at that point I was confused for a bit, and then right in front of my eyes I saw the clock hand move super fast to 315am. And I was like HOLY SHIT WHATS HAPPENING. WHY IS THE CLOCK HANDS MOVING SO FAST AND GOING CRAZY. There was this scene in the conjuring about clock stopping at a certain time and then moving around, I was seriously freaked out.

I quickly just went back to bed and hid under the covers and focused my thoughts on eggs. All kinds of eggs: poached eggs, 5min boiled vs 10 min boiled, raw egg, scrambled egg, sunny side ups... I was so scared! There might be some kind of logical explanation, but Opa really scared me with the witch house thing, plus their house is really over a 100~ and theres a jewish cemtetry just next door. 


but the next day it got better, nothing happened.
and now I really miss that place and I miss everyone esp Oma and Opa. So much. 

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