Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday Love and Spectacles Situation


This week has been so entirely busy I don't even know where to start. But I'm so glad that its over, this week would be such a chill and relaxed week IM GLAD! :D How is everyone, thank you for visiting my blog. Bless you child. What is happening now? How was your week? The only highlight of my week was my friend's Avril's birthday! It was a surprise party and I love surprise parties because I get to anticipate the person arriving and it makes me squeal with excitement i can't sit still like omgomgomg is she here yet OMG SHES HERE. 

But here she is! Beautiful Avril with my birthday gift of 1000000 cute panties for a lawyer. 

It was such a fun night!

Also, totally random, but you might be wondering why am I wearing spectacles when I wear contact lenses. I wear colored contacts btw but my prescription degree is +4.75. However I am only wearing contact lenses with prescription degree of +4.00. Hence sometimes I wear spects over my contact lenses. Also, you must be thinking "why can't you just wear contact lenses of +4.75 degree then!" well the answer would be because I like the option of wearing spectacles on and off! And also if I were to answer you in ONE word it would be: Vanity.

there! Im not complaining, and I can't complain because I get wonderful sponsors who sponsor my eye wears which makes me so so so so super happy (and vain)  hehehehehehe.

Ok I digress! Want to know a funny story? I was wearing my spectacles today on the train because I was reading and there was a nice looking guy seated opposite me. For some reason, I thought I was wearing my shades so I looked up and stared at him thinking like "what a hottie..." and for some strange reason, he was staring right straight at me!?!? like OMG? So I was thinking like "hmm, thankful for these shades, I don't think he realises that Im staring straight at him. *squints eyes*" and he was like *squints + frowns eyes* in a way that it meant to say "WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME IN SUCH A CREEPY WAY?!" and at that moment, I suddenly realised I was NOT wearing shades and I was SO embarrassed. I don't even know how to salvage the situation. I just pretended I was deep in thought and spacing out in his direction before looking back at my book.

*twiddles thumbs*


  1. Dear Tee,

    I just want to say how it is special. How did you inpired me to go on with my blog, to go on with my creative side, to go on with everything. How I know how you feel and we all feel like this sometimes. How brave you are to put it all here in such a beautiful way. How just soooo good it is and how amazing is what you do.
    And I am in love with your world and your pictures and please, tell me how do you take this pictures because I want to do similar ones on my blog (they look like they came from a old camera). And I want to be like you.
    Thanks for the inspiration boost and the happiness that you gave me today,

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for taking time to share your kind words and thoughts with me. I am, in return, deeply inspired and encouraged! I am so happy that my blog is successful in inspiring and bringing you happiness. I am extremely happy and encouraged. Thank you for making my day :D

      With love,

    2. Also ps: photos are taken with my iPhone which I upload onto my computer to edit the colors with Photoshop. :)