Friday, January 2, 2015


Ushering the new year in with these people couldn't be any better. Drunken slurs, happy faces, games and crazy dares. I really can't be happier. 

2014 has been such a good year. Sure, I've had my down moments, moments of folly and being naive. But I have learnt so so so much this year, spiritually and emotionally, even in terms of creativity. Looking back, in 2014 I hosted my first embroidery workshop overseas in Hongkong and had an exhibition there as well. And then from there I've had so many new an amazing work opportunies, even having an exhibition in Japan and being flown over to Tokyo for UNTITLED's ss15 showcase. I really can't complain, i love my job.

2014 is also kinda like the first year of work for me. I've worked hard and was able to fund my entire trip to Europe by myself. Not a single cent from my folks.  Ive also learnt topay my bills on time, the responsibility of setting aside money for the family... Maybe this is adulthood, maybe this is what growing up is about. 

In 2014, we also ended a relationship with my best friend who was also my lover. But I can say now that it is really for the better as we have both grown and matured so much more than we would have if we were still together then. We separated and then in our own time, we explored the world and we grew so much. It took me the heartache and pain to suddenly realise that no one else other than ME is responsible for my own happiness, and until I realised that... I would have been depending on other sources or him, which isn't very healthy to begin with. But best of it all is that we are still very good friends now, and I wouldn't trade anything up for that at all. 

2014 also taught me about compassion and contentment. There is soooo much darkness and negativity in this world we live in. There is so much greed, evil and suffering. And in a world and time such as this, one really needs to learn the magic of being content. And in a world filled with so much negativity and suffering, Compassion is also a beautiful trait to have. 

2014, thank you for the lessons and the heartaches and the friendships made. Thank you for all the countries that I've been able to travel to. (Like omg? Just realised I've been to hk, vietnam, Japan, perth, korea, London, Berlin, amsterdam, prague, iceland, frankfurt all in one year, that's really crazy for me) 

Dear 2015: May you be magical. 

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