Thursday, November 27, 2014


OMG can I just say that I love Japan so so so much. The weather is perfect, people here are so kind and friendly ( AND GOOD LOOKING TOO) and the food is amazing. 

Anyway, the people at UNTITLED are so kind to pay for my trip over to Tokyo for this fashion media preview that highlighted my <sad girls club> series. I have met some seriously amazing people today and I am so so so blessed. I also learnt to throw out whatever bits and pieces of Japanese that I remember and even though slightly lost in translation, it's SUCH an amazing experience. I really can't even begin to describe it. But here are some photos: 

UNTITLED head office at Omotensando~ 

My little segment. 

(How crazy pretty are these flowers?!?!) 
Oh and this is the most amazing thing ever. CLOTHES, A LOT OF THEM, ALL FOR ME TO CHOOSE FROM. I get to be dressed in their brand. happy girl is happy. 

Shoes too omg. 
Mine mine mine. Thank you UNTITLED for dressing me~~~~~ arigatou~~~~~ 
Here's a behind the scenes of a meeting with the chief designer of UNTITLED. We are working on a very exciting collaboration to be sold in stores in Japan next year. ITS SO EXCITING FOR ME, because she'll ask me like "ok what fabric do you want for the top" and I'll be like "ok this one would be great" and then her assistant will take down notes and the top will be made as how I want it to be how exciting is that as a textile designer?!

Food station looks like a mini Marche, or a pop up cafe. Super yummy!!
kind person who kept bringing me food. Arigatou~~~ 
So here's to the wonderful collaboration with UNTITLED. What a great day. Even though I'm super tired. 疲れた!!! 
And I get to wake up to a view of Tokyo too. T_T ううれしいいいいい HAPPY~~~ 

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