Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Momento Mori

I love dried flowers. 
They remind me that even an ugly process like death and decay, can result in something so beautiful. However, there is a right way to dry it though. You have to tilt them upside down so that it dries from bottom up. The flowers then retain some of their colour, faded away in a very majestic hue. 

Perhaps its the same for life for us I guess...our soul and identity being like water to the plant. And lets just say, the drying process is equivalent to ageing...once you give away too much of yourself and your identity slips away like water flowing out from the stem, you will wither away. Theres no colour. Just pure decay. When you look back to collect the fallen and wrinkled petals, you might not even recognise that piece of yourself. 

         You've lost it. 
                 Its no longer you. 

                              You've fallen            a  p      a            r         t. 

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