Saturday, November 1, 2014


For my soul to reach you, 
Must I always leave?
For my heart to feel you, 
Must it always be? 

Life would be as such. 

Shs would be the green and the pastels in your life. Your dull dull life. She would grow and wrap around your sharp edges. Your viciously sharp edges. She would soften you, bring beauty and color back into your life, fill up your cracks and gaps. She would do all that. Nothing contrasts beauty more than you do. She would be your gemini butterfly, your flower child, your ice queen all in one. 

"Take me now" you say, 

But nope, those are not the right words.  

She'll let you in on color and fantasy, and then destroy it all together. And all you will have left is desolation and despair... longing for that same exact shade of color and vibrance to enter your life again. 

Have you met anyone like her? She brings so much joy and tears, love and pain. Anger, hope and lust. No, but I am crazily in love. That's what love is isn't it. She taught me this. She looks at me and say: hold yourself out, and let me destroy you. let me aggressively love you. 

And then I will smile. 

"Sweetheart, destroy me with your passion" 

You've got the words right, so, come in. Let me spend the night in your heart and show you how Cancer spreads. 

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