Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Don't Cry

drip drip drop. Embroidered details on canvas. 
All of your words, they've been cursed with dishonesty.
Take it from the girl you claim to love. 


I really enjoyed doing this piece. I've haven't painted since like....4 years ago? I love painting now, the way the brush strokes the canvas...the sound it makes when it drags the paint across the weaves. The way your wrist flicks and curves to make a angled stroke. Using different mediums that Im not so accustomed to, makes me think differently too. to blend the colours, how to create the shadows while the paint is still wet. 

My favourite part of this, is of course the embroidery. I love embroidery so much I can't even begin to explain the kind of peace and serenity it brings to me. I can embroider FOREVER. I love the way the threads come together, the sound it makes when the needle passes through the canvas/fabric...i think it makes this sound: ffsshh, ffshh. fshhh. HHAHAH. 


This is going up on my high ceiling wall along the stair case. Slowly filling it up with works. Cant wait to fill it up. Half of it is gone because I took down a lot of my embroidered works to ship to Tokyo for an exhibition. THAT, is also very exciting. I can't wait to share it.

for now. I'm gonna crash. I have a meeting at 930am tmrw. *insert face of pain* 

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