Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hanoi Day #1


Happy people are Happy, though we just had a bad experience with coconuts on this trip so far. I've been trying to order like a normal coconut, yknow the one you have to hack open and then casually throw a straw in to drink from? I WANNA DRINK SOME VIETNAMESE COCONUT JUICE. But so far whenever I say " hi, can i haz a coconut?" I get some weird coconut milk slushed ice drink. If you observe the picture above, the white colored drink that some of us ordered, remained untouched.

MY FAVOURITE DRINK IN HANOI. I have no idea what this is called. But it is amazing. (AND CHEAP! Only about SGD$1.40 per cup ) I first had it last time when I was in hanoi, maybe 2 years back or sth. But I can very vividly remember this place and how awesome this drink is, so I dragged everyone to come here to try. It is actually, lotus seed with some jelly pearl thingy, longan fruit and jasmine essence. Its suuuuuuuuuper refreshing. (but there were a lot of flies that flew in our drinks, so we had to scoop it out unless of course you want more dosage of protein in your drink then you leave it in there.)

And as you can see, we have also adopted a new friend Psy.

Some pages from my travel journal. I like to document things, because its soooo easy to forget small details like the taste of the food, the sights, the smell of things. I like to capture everything on paper in words or quick sketches before I forget.

Hanoi is really beautiful and magical. At least it feels that way to me. Can't wait for tomorrow... TEXTILE MARKET. *PLEASE* DONT BE A DISSAPOINTMENT LIKE THE COCONUT

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