Friday, October 24, 2014

The Best Of You


hows it going. I've had about the most craziest and the most exciting week all in one. One of the highlights of my week so far would definitely have to be the launch and opening of The Best Of You exhibition at Marina Square. 

Creeping around my work to see who's looking. hehehehe. 
So honoured to be able to be in the same frame as Mr and Mrs Su and Tze Horng. \^_^/ 
Hi everyone meet Riri San, she's so super cute I want to put her in my pocket. She doodled some flowers and trees for her mother because she is the best of her. 
and heres a picture of a dad, picking up embroidery for his daughter and meticulously embroidering a picture of a princess his daughter drew.
tadahhhhh. Here are some other works from the workshop!

Thanks all for coming down and being a part of this and sharing what the best of you is. I will be conducting two more days of workshops at Marina Square over the weekend. Its free for public, but you got to register in advance at COME SAY HI.

aaaaaand I'm out.

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