Friday, October 24, 2014

Morning Lesson.

Weakness has a smell. Like fear.
Its almost repulsive. Like olives.
No matter how hard you try to mask it, it reeks. To me at least.
And so you put up a front, of walls and pillars and strength laced with a fraction of humour and a tinge of cockiness.
The sweet scent of your attempt trying to surface, but all I smell is Weak Weak wEak weak WEAK.

don't get too cocky. Never let me see you coming.
Thats the gaff, my friend.
Make yourself look small.
Be the Loser, the Cripple, the Outcast, the Nerd, the Leper, the Freak.

"look at me- i've been underestimated since day one"

and then, you win.
Question is: what then?

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