Thursday, October 16, 2014

You found me

In my dreams you crept back,
go away feelings that I've put aside.
Tried to focus on a happy memory,
but there were few. Flowers still sit by my table, scent still alive.
I looked at the scars, a reminder of the hurt that I once knew.
They're disappearing, the wounds are healing, no don't let them disappear.
I claw and claw until they're raw again... to remember why I'm here.
To remember the red.
Mason jar of pale light, the sounds of weeping collected alongside with tears given birth from pure sadness and lost hope and desire.
In my dreams you crept back, in the dark hours you were here with me.
Go away, for I do not want you here.
Morning shall come and a new day will arise.
and gone you shall be.

You've hurt me enough.
Courage, whats that.
Pray tell.

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