Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sad Girls Club


preeeesenting to you, SAD GIRLS CLUB in TOKYO. 
My second exhibition overseas. I'm so excited can you feel my excitement. 
Here are some photos from behind the scenes during the set up at 3am in the morning. 
If you are within the vicinity, you can catch this at Daikanyama T-site 

I personally feel like they're all my friends or children. So this is like a graduation/ class photo you know, which is a very gratifying feeling for me. All of them were inspired by moments in my life or a sad person I met or a friend I know. So its like, I want to capture their/my sadness forever on fabric, stitch by stitch every inch of sadness and melancholy is trapped and embedded onto fabric. When I look at a piece, I remember all the negativity, its overwhelming but the colours and flowers usually juxtapose and masks it. Just like all of us, just like me.

And the most exciting thing about Sad Girls Club, is that it will keep growing. Heres my artist statement:

At this moment, I want to say a huge thank you to my Japanese agents and partners who stayed up all night to work on the layout of the exhibition. Thank you for having faith and representing my works. These photos were taken at like 3am ish okay. But I'm seriously thankful. This is so much.

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