Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Wearing: Top to toe Zara.

Today's thoughts: 

When I hear people say "You're such a good influence..." I just think like, theres is no such thing as a good influence. What is an influence? Like...people look up to you and they want to be you be it in a good/ bad way? I feel that all influences are unethical. There should be no such thing. Don't say such things. Because to influence is to have a hold on someone. It is to give someone a part of your soul. She doesn't think her natural thoughts or let her own passions burn. Her moral decisions and goals are not real to her as compared to you. Her sins (if there are such things as sins) are borrowed from you, not her own. She becomes a rendition of someone else's music, an actress of a role that plays a part not meant for her. Heck, that part wasn't even written yet. 

The aim of life is self development. 

Question is: Can we say the same for inspiration though. 

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