Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diy embroidered canvas shoes

New year new shoes right?! Nah, that doesn't work, I am totally a shoe person, it's more like new month new shoes. But that being said, I can also hear my mom yelling "THERE IS NO MORE SPACE IN THE CUPBOARD, PLEASE! NO MORE SHOES!!" 

Sorry, I digress. 

So anyway here's what you need: 
1) cotton canvas shoes 
2) pencil 
3) tapestry needle (size 22?)
4) embroidery thread 
5) scissors/ cutter 

To elaborate on point 1) cotton canvas shoes: I've tried embroidering on different thickness, Supergas (scroll down for picture) are slightly thicker so embroidering more detailed stuff will be a little bit more difficult. But it can be done. I would recommend cheaper shoes like those selling at Rubi. Currently they're having this promotion 2 pairs for SGD$30. Their shoes are totally basic, perfect for crafting, canvas is also softer... which means that it would be easy to penetrate through. 

Just FYI: whilst working on this, I pricked myself many many times. So just be careful! Also FYI FYI, I drew a smiley face and some flowers on paper with my finger blood... Which reminds me of when I was in primary school I used to forget to bring my pencil/ pen and my teacher would look at me and say "how are u going to write?! Using blood?!" 

Using blood from your fingertip to write is technically impossible, unless you are looking for a fontsize of about 30. Again, I digress. 

Here are some pics. 

Yay it's done! Personalised embroidered sneakers from Rubi. 

Embroidered Superga sneakers. 

It's very easy! Try it! :) Embroidering on the rubi shoes are easier as the canvas is thinner, I took about 6 hours for each side... So total time taken for a pair of embroidered customised shoes would be about 12 hours. 

For the superga sneakers, the canvas was too thick for the needle to penetrate consistently, so I used a punch needle... But even so it bent the tip of my punch needle ;( I will do another post on punch needle embroidery soon! :) 


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