Saturday, January 24, 2015

Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

Can we begin to talk about how absolutely beautiful and stunning this collection is? 
Absolutely adore!!! Sheer dresses with embroidered stars and planets and magical stuff. Total inspiration for more embroidery work. You can view the full collection here, then you'll totally get what I mean by BLOWN AWAY.

And can I also please add that I am SO INSPIRED by Valentino's SS15 ad campaign images. I love them to no end!! You can view the whole series here.  I like how mysterious every picture is, every single girl has a different expression that makes me ponder about what she's thinking or whats going on in the photo....which is amazing because it creates thought and stories in my head. Lenne introduced me to the photographer who shot the campaign images, Michal Pudelka. Please check his work out, you will go insane. I am seriously overwhelmed now, just clicked on his portfolio and like...omg....everythings just like omg. 

So heres what I suggest: 

look through Michal Pudelka's work  before you sleep. Ponder on one or two images that stops you...then think about everything about the image. And then close your eyes, think about the image again, and then think more about it and slowly drift to sleep. In the morning, write down your thoughts.

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