Friday, January 23, 2015


She came on board, but I realised she left a stray hair curler at the back of her head. She sat next to me. I looked at her, her grey hair all nicely curled and she had on a nice dress. I looked at the stray curler at the back of her head. She turned to smile at me. 

"Jamie your neighbour is at the door!

Jamie ran to the door and stood there watching Yumiko, a small petite asian girl standing outside the gate. Why don't you let her in Jamie? "I don't like her", he said. "Mommy also said that she can't come in anymore because I am still eating." I looked at Yumiko as I closed the gate behind me, "why doesn't Jamie like me?", she asked with wide eyes. 

Banana cake, hot choco and a book. I waited for my next meeting to start. 30 more minutes to go. Before I left, I stood up to use the toilet. It was locked. Someone was inside. I waited for 15 minutes. I was getting annoyed. I knocked once. "excuse me, you are taking forever". No reply. I waited. I heard another flush, followed by another flush, followed by another flush. Whats happening. I wonder who is inside. I am preparing my angry face. Need to get it set. 

The door opened. An old lady hobbled out. 

Dinner conversations about dream meanings. Black ants crawling. Also, what is art? 
"I used the sage leaves to smudge my aura", I said as I continued cooking golden mushrooms in the pot of chicken stew. "and then, the next day I had two red eyes...". and oh yay, I found a large piece of chicken. Did I give it to you? I forgot. 

I need to let it go. But I can't. I still feel so annoyed because she was so inconsiderate. Maybe I should pray, dear god, please help me to feel positive about this particular person. She annoys me to no end now. Forgive me, for I'm only human. 


I need to sleep. My thoughts drift towards you. If you want someone or something bad enough, you'd do anything. right? Guess not. I don't know. I'm tired. Goodnight. 

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