Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moonlight, and my trip to Mars.

What a lovely night it was when like minded creatives come together to dine under the stars in a beautiful quaint space. A perfect space to connect with nature. Imagine : bathing in the open when its raining because nobody can see you at all, using the telescope to look at the sky, basking in the sun whilst during morning yoga... this place is AMAZING. And actually, if you want to come experience or use this BEAUTIFUL space...you can soon! More details coming up when its finalised. :)

Conversations about moons and stars and nature and goddesses got me very interested and curious. It was a very magical night. But anyway, I had a very beautiful dream last night and I have to share it.

My Trip To Mars

I dreamt that instead of travelling to different countries, travelling to Mars was now possible. So I was on the shuttle to Mars with a handful of people. THE VIEW WAS AMAZING. There were so many stars, like I was in the glitter make up kit belonging to a giant. It felt like I was really there. My hands pressed against the window and it felt so real. The stars, the sky, the darkness. I remembered the tour guide saying that were only 4 days a week in Mars, and 7 hours each day. So at that moment, the planet shifted and suddenly I could see earth, and I was floating up so high and I could see earth so clearly. And 7 hours was up, and we had to go back home to Earth. So we kinda plunged down, there was a lot of purple fumes around, and the motion made me feel a bit sick.

But anyway, so we landed on earth and somehow out of ALL places, I landed up at raffles city.

Raffles fucking city. are u serious.
From mars to raffles city. I was so pissed off with the dream choice that I woke up. Like, if theres actually someone in my brain who was actually in charge of controlling or writing my dreams, (I think there is, because whilst typing this...the name Bob popped into my head..I think it  wants to be known as Bob.) why didn't he choose somewhere else better so the transition would be more acceptable. But no, Bob the Writer of Dreams, had to choose Raffles City as my landing point from beautiful mars.

Bob, you are fired.

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