Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Parcels and the Past.

Things that the postman brought to me today:
a) Homemade jam from Oma all the way from Germany. Opa sent lots of flax oil too.
b) Shoes from the team at Melissa

The feeling of receiving something from someone, through someone else , is an interesting experience if you come to think about it. I love letters, postcards, parcels. (and of course lovely things like shoes bags clothes, who doesn't...) Especially when they come from another country, theres something just very magical about it...like it comes from another world. But whats more interesting is using this to reach out to your future self. My brothers say this is totally loserish because I have no one to mail to so I mail myself letters and postcards. Which is total Rubbish with a capital R because when I came back home the other day I found a postcard on my table, from Myself in Amsterdam. It wrote :

" I hope you're safely back home and you survived all the plane rides. But I have a question: What is the most important thing that you've learnt while you were here? You are also most probably missing the cold at the moment while you are reading this because its probably very very hot back home. But while you were here, you kept complaining about the cold. Which is a lesson that I've learnt whilst here and I will share with the You in the Future when you are home. It is this: you will never be happy unless you find contentment in the present. Enjoy the Now, because every Now is different and you will miss it. Stop comparing and live in the present. Well, enjoy the heat while you can. I am freezing at the moment.


Lessons from my past self, and a very very relevant point to ponder about at the moment. The past me has succeeded in reaching through time to impact the present me. How is that loserish excuse me brothers from the same mother. Do it, I'll even write you one if you want! I am writing this not for the eyes of the many, but for yours alone: for each of us is audience enough for the other. So leave me an address in the comment section and I promise to mail you a postcard wherever you are in the world with thoughtful words. :)

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