Saturday, March 21, 2015

long walks and falling

I had work today, but I enjoyed it very much. I drew portraits at a youth sailing carnival event and met lots of wonderful people. I mean, there were kids about the age of 6 who carried their own wind sails (is that what its called!?) and sail themselves out to sea. SIX YEARS OLD. and what was I doing at 6?! (actually at 6 I was playing the violin, my mom would make me practice 2 hours everyday so....) 

Below are some photos from my morning walk and also fragments of thoughts from today. 


A girl came over with her smaller sized friend. Small was shy, quiet and she didn't smile. She had a certain look of sadness in her eyes. Sad eyes. Sad but beautiful. She edged towards the chair and she slipped and fell. Small fell. I stood up to see if she was ok, but I could only see the blue balloon bobbling, the balloon that was tied to her wrist. I looked at her friend, Tall. Tall just looked at Small. Small didn't ask for help, so Tall just looked....

Another girl fell. Falling girls. What a sight.

A woman came forward, a woman claiming to be Small's mother. I told her that Small had a fall. Mother said "don't worry about it, thats the least I'm worried about now, she's okay". Tough. Tough Small.

Young boy less than the age of 8, rides bike dangerously flying up and down a ramp. His mother records him on phone and cheers him on. They are both smiling. I wonder how he got to that stage, his mother must have watched him break his bones a million times. But the sun is shining, and they're both radiant, and he is still flying....and landing...and flying....and he turns to her and says "DID YOU SEE THAT MOM? I DID IT!" and his mom said "thats my boy"

I bet her heart fell, and she got used to it.

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