Saturday, March 28, 2015

Journals and writing.

I write a lot, I have a book for everything. 

I see writing as a form of capturing thoughts forever. Yknow how sometimes you think about certain things and then you forget them completely. I wont say that I write about  deep and profound stuff, its usually a lot of random thoughts and observations and reflections and a little bit of trashy writing and bitching once in a while...but I try not to do that as its poison to the soul and to the paper, the trees died for a good

At the moment these are the 6 categories of books that I write in.
(from top left to right) 

1) Bible Devotion thoughts
2) Observations and thoughts and dreams (I recently changed to this book because the other one has finished)
3) Sketch book for Meeting notes and sketches (mainly for work)
4) Quotes I love
5) Prayer requests
6) Letters to Anya

These are all so personal to me, but I will share today's entry in the "Observations and thoughts" book.

" having an immediate infatuation or crush on someone is very much like an illness. You do not ask for it. Its an illness, a wake up and you think about that person. And if that person doesn't think of you, your stomach cringes in a weird sort of pain. And you have no idea why you feel this way. You try to stop it. Cough it out, sleep it away, but its still there. You don't want it, go away. Its like falling sick. Not love. But the good thing is that day by day it gets better even without medication or without effort. I am writing this now because I know that I'm cured. The bug is gone, i'm no longer sick and hell yes I'm glad I'm free from this ridiculous torment." -1030pm

I encourage everyone to write, write daily...on the train, on the bus, while waiting for a friend, before you sleep...
You'll be surprised by how much more you learn about yourself and how much more clearer your thoughts are.


  1. Awww Tee! You inspired me to write my thoughts down! Thank you! I currently hold a small journal that I can carry around everywhere I go and I must say writing has been the best pill to pour out my feelings! Thank you! :) I really love your blog btw! I always check for new updates everyday. Your life is so interesting, cute and quirky, Tee! :) I hope we can be friends! ~~~

    1. Hi Kat!

      thank you for your comment and kind words <3 so much love!! xx