Thursday, March 19, 2015

Great world cabaret

Yesterday I went to watch my first ... Musical? I'm not even sure what to call it. But it was SO magical. I am a huge fan of the movies, but this is truely amazing. When the girls came on stage in their glittery costumes and get ups, I was in awe!!. I was like "Omg are they real? OMG They're real!!!" Such an amazing sight! Truly!! 

The only problem I had was that when everyones singing and dancing on stage, the audience were just sitting down squarely. I felt like standing up to dance along, felt like the right thing to do because this isn't a movie hey? They're live performers and just felt so weird that everyones just sitting still. THERE SHOULD BE A DANCE FLOOR!!

But then again, we were at resorts world sentosa. It's a very classy place, even the macdonalds outside the theatre is classy...well, sort of... The counter Aunty at that macdonalds had a very strong British accent, it was quite weird especially since it was mixed with singlish. Maybe it's a requirement for the staff at this branch to be a little more "atas". 

Anyway... Sometimes I wish I could be everyone. Like life live in their shoes, be them... Be a dancer, be a whore, be a carpenter , be a performer, be a policemen, and then return back to write about that life. Saying this because while watching, I had a thought...that in the musical / acting business would probably allow for someone to have different roles all the time. 

I'd love to experience that, wouldn't you? 

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