Monday, March 2, 2015

March Book list.

Hi today has been such a shitty day, I shall avoid ranting about it so instead! I shall talk about books. 

Here are some pretentious reading in progress photos. I like to roam around and sit at random places to read. So far my favourite reading hang outs are : botanical gardens and the skate park. Botanical gardens is a beautiful place to sit down with hot tea or soup to just spend a quiet afternoon reading...until it starts to rain, then it will be quite shitty. The skate park is a fun place to read because its very central and surprisingly quiet on weekdays afternoons. Perhaps all the skaters are still sleeping or working. But I really enjoy watching little kids having their parkour training. They're REALLY good btw, and I am seriously amazed. 

Book list for March:

1) Haunted - Chuck Palaniuk 

ok if you read my previous book list for Feb, you'll notice that this book was already on the list. But I'm not done with it yet and since I haven't written about it I shall include it in this list again. This book is absolutely enjoyable. Its so gross and makes me feel squirmish all the time. Lots of gory body parts but written very tastefully. Very unexpectedly addictive in terms of themes and content. I'm still half way through this but I'm enjoying it very much. 

2) You are not here - Samantha Schutz

HMM. I don't really know about this one. I picked it up because the page I turned to was so beautiful.

"I didn't know 
it would be the last time.
If I had,
I would have traced Brian's face,
run my fingers over his eyelids,
nose, and mouth.
I would have connected 
his freckles and beauty marks,
memorised them 
like a star chart.
I would have ruffled his soft, dark hair,
run my hands over his chest and arms.
I would have held him
measuring the space he took up in my arms.
I would have 
nestled into his neck,
smelled him,
taken all of him in-
enough to make it last 
my whole life. "

The whole book is written in a poem form, I liked it very much initially. But then it got very.... I don't know. Predictable and lame. And my last thoughts when I finished it was "omg wtf did I just read." so, no. 

3) The Journals of Sylvia Plath

I haven't read this yet. But I love sylvia plath she's amazing, I love her words so reading this would really be entering her mind and her world. I love diaries/journals. I write in a journal everyday too. I wonder when I die, if there would be a "The Journals of Teresa Lim", but it will probably be very embarrassing to read. Its not deep at all, it has a lot of surface thoughts like "OMG HE SPOKE TO ME TODAY" kinda girly stuff too like "its the time of the month again and I am bloating so much I can't fit into my jeans I am so fat. " Maybe after reading this I will be inspired like how I was with Anne Frank and I will write better stuff. 

4) My Year of Meals - Ruth Ozeki

I haven't read this too, but Ruth Ozeki is my favourite author at the moment because I really enjoyed A Tale for the Time Being. I wrote about it here. So I have lots of faith in this book. Cant wait to start reading this. 


I aim to finish all these 4 books by end of march, I'll let you know how it goes! But for now, heres a leafy book mark to bring around with me. I made it because I was feeling very negative today, very overwhelmed by a blue way. I thought a lot about the concept of life + death which led me to start experimenting on plants for my new set of works. Well, its still in progress so this was just a trial, but i'm loving it quite a its now gonna be my book mark. 

so thats all for tonight. Goodnight! Joel took this funny photo of me today, it works as an appropriate goodnight photo. ciao~

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