Friday, March 20, 2015

Bad Habit

I rushed out today and grabbed the nearest bag to me at the door. All was good until I was trying to find my card holder for the bus so my hand was fishing around for my lanyard and my hands felt something wet and crusty and furry?! My heart just froze: wtf is that. I stopped in the middle of the path and reluctantly looked inside my bag...I found a mouldy apple pie all crushed and soggy at the bottom of my bag. And then the camera pans 360 degrees around me while I drop my bag in the middle of the road and yell : OMGGGGG WTFFFFFF!!!!! ITS FURRY!!!!!

So, ok rewind. How did the apple pie die? 

Its a very bad habit of mine. It has happened more than 5 times. In the middle of the day, sometimes I have an overwhelming craving for the apple pie at Mac Donalds. Since there are so many mac donalds in singapore, I usually can buy one almost immediately when the craving sets in. So what happens is that I will buy the apple pie, and realise its too hot to eat I leave it in my bag...and forget about it until the next day or the next... or the next...or until whenever I decide to use that bag today. 

I don't know why but I just forget about it! And when I see that mouldy dead apple pie in my bag, I feel so sorry, like I've let it down. I usually apologise to it before I throw it away in the bin and promise to do better next time. So I go out to buy another apple pie...and it happens again. 

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