Sunday, September 14, 2014

All eyes.

Dreamt that Kim Jung Il took over the internet and published a whole encyclopaedia series on EVERYTHING and I was just standing in the audience listening to him speak and I was suddenly rudely awaken by my alarm clock. Hey but I'm wasn't done listening to KJI. He was talking about how his encyclopaedia has details never shared before by researchers around the world, that now he is sharing to the entire world about how caterpillars are the hope for the future generations. And I just stood there, mouth wide opened.

But anyhoos, I opened my eyes.
And realised that sth was wrong. I couldn't open one eye. It was sealed shut and swollen as hell. I FREAKED OUT. yadayada, (I'm fine now though). I have this sleep problem; I tend to scratch myself when I sleep or sometimes like overly rub my eyes until it becomes all mangled and gross. LIKE today. It was so gross. Like, when I went to the mirror to check it out, I could see my eye ball skin thingy wrinkled and shrivelled up at one side. It totally freaked the shit out of me. And when I went to my parents room to get help at 8am in the morning, I was literally like "holy shit, mommy please look at my eye whats wrong with it whats wrong with it. I'm scared mom, I'm scared" And she just took one look at me and continued doing her hair and make up like "oh don't worry about it, I had it worse that you last time. it'll go away." 

la femme est calme 

and then I went to my brother's room and he was like "dude, whats up with your eye you look like a china man

ils sont calme

I hope it goes away tomorrow morning. I'm tying my hands to sleep tonight. 

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