Friday, September 12, 2014


Things that had a purpose to someone, now holds a different purpose to another.
Coffee, cake and a book. Best way to wait the rain out. 
Colors and zig zags stripes 

Green man. 
Crossed the road and it started to pour. Subtle initially like 1...2...3. And then without warning, the whole sky caved. I ran into a cafe to wait the rain out. It was terrible, I was drenched... a car zoomed by splashing rain water all over me. I felt terrible. Either 1) continue to sulk about how shitty it is. 2) Smile and laugh about it. /Number 2.
Instant mood lift. 

Had a cake and hot latte and a book. I always carry a book with me. It is essential. If its not a book to read, then it has to be a book to write or draw in. Anyway while eating and happily enjoying my cake, my phone died. How do I know the time?? I have to be somewhere at 6.  But I don't know what the time is now. I then came to a realisation that without my handy dandy iPhone, I am lost. I don't know how to get to a certain place, I don't know what time it is, and gosh, NO music to listen to. It made me feel so vulnerable. But it also forced me to interact with people to ask for the time, to ask for directions, to share an umbrella with and have a nice little umbrella chat. Human interaction feels nice for a change instead of keying something into google maps and following the blue cursor. Interacting with my phone too much. 

I don't know, could just be me. Stuck in my own shell for too long. Time to come out. 
But no,

I like it here. 

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