Tuesday, September 9, 2014


embroidery process

This is Ellie. She's part of the Sad Girls Club series that I will be exhibiting in Japan soon in October. 
I can't wait for that. Sadly I would not be going over to Japan because of other work commitments back home. :(
I think of E of the time. By embroidering her, her memories and thoughts are embedded in the weaves of the fabric. Stitch by stitch, forever alive, forever here.


Ellie's sad. Ellie's angry. Ellie leaves home.
Ellie never comes back. Ellie cries. Ellie cries. Ellie cries.
Ellie make it stop. Ellie stop. Ellie goes.
Ellie come back. Ellie knows. Ellie's hard to take care of.
 Ellie says ok I'll try. Ellie fails. Ellie falls. Ellie cries. 
Ellie's crushed. Ellie's thinking bad. Ellie's not looking. Ellie crosses.
Ellie's safe. Ellie cries. Ellie cries. Ellie cries. 

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