Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Go Green Wear Blue

Today I was invited to do a DIY Denim workshop at H&M for their media launch of their latest denim conscious range. It was really fun, getting hands dirty...painting, slashing, tearing, pasting, cutting. I love it when people come together and create stuff, and especially playing a part in saving the earth. Don't throw away your own jeans, instead... re-use them! Just add in a bit of diy magic and you can re-wear them again! I'LL SHOW YOU MINE SOON!! I really love my "new" up cycled jeans, can't wait to wear them. \^_^/

Have scraps of denim and want to get crafty?? Well, I'm gonna be doing a few up-cycling jeans DIY tutorials here over the next few days.  So watch this space!! :) 

Go Green Wear Blue (totally loving the different shades of blue on blue look btw)
They have serious awesome stuff, if you like denim, please go check out this range. Will be sold in stores from 2nd October. Think: denim overalls, denim cardigan, denim pull over, denim robe, denim omg everything. And everything is in a shade of very pretty indigo hue. Shop awayyyyyyy.
Fresh flowers so pretehhhh

Getting crafty! 
TIP: Painting dots on back pockets is a great way to Quirkify your old pair of jeans.

Abstract paint marks. 
Pastels and polka dots

Painting dots on rolled up cuffs. *idea* 
Golden polka dots , Black/white gingham and studs. 
TIP: Less is more
One of my new up cycled jeans! Courtesy of H&M. 
This guy's totally feeling it. Patchwork and studs. Luvit. 

Happy man is happy. 
Posing with our studded scarves. So diva i can't even pull this off. 
And one picture with Trudy <3 ( with me looking SO tired from not getting enough sleep)

SO...WHY do I not have enough sleep? 
Let me tell you why, just last saturday I woke up with a terrible eye remember? So ever since then I've been sleeping with my right arm tied to a 1.2l plastic water bottle filled with water. This is so that I wouldn't subconsciously rub my eye in the middle of the night. Yknow the feeling when you start rubbing your eye, you can't stop!! So i need to tie my hands down. I gotta admit, its not very comfortable, BUT IT WORKS..andddd i can't sleep well because the posture is just too weird.

but it has to do for now, because I can't wake up another day with another swollen eye. I shall take a photo of my tied wrists tonight. 

ANYWAY, Thanks for having me! It was so much fun :D 
Time to crash now. Time to tie my wrists now.


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