Monday, September 15, 2014

Best Of You

night after night

after night after night 
after night, after night
and finally I'm done!! 


This piece is for an exhibition for the Best Of You movement. Its basically a movement where people stop to recognise the small things in life that makes up the best of you in the midst of our hectic lives. Living in such a fast paced world makes it harder sometimes to just appreciate things or people that make us who we are or bring out the best in us. For me, the best of me would be my embroidery hobby. I love it so much because it brings me so much positivity and colour in my life. Embroidery time also serves as a time of reflection and a time to unwind. It keeps me sane, and tbh I look forward to coming back to my little working space to embroider. 

Someone shared her story, that when she sees people finish drinking the coffee that she made, it gives her such joy and she feels that it is the best of her. A dad gave up smoking for his daughter, she is the best of him. What or Who is the best of you


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