Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept Books Review

This month I'm feeling extremely thriller/crime.
I mean, I think I've always been into crime and thriller, but there are some months were I dive into rom com like an overly bored middle school girl *screams sophie kinsella* And months when Im feeling like I want to be disturbed and plunge into gothic horror/literature. And there are also months when I pick up the good old Murakami. 

Idk, sometimes I read about Scientology, Philosophy, How to Decorate your Home, Pets, Hitler etc etc etc... I mean...since I'm trying to get this blog up and going again, I thought it'll be a great idea to keep track of the books I've read and do a short review on my thoughts on it. Yknow the feeling when you find a really good book and you just want share it with someone to read it too so that you can discuss about it. I really LOVE that kinda discussion!! Like ... "omg why this. why that. why does this person die. She should die. Omg didn't see that coming, omg she's so crazy. omg I'm crazy. "  

So anyway, here goes: (also will try not to include any spoilers) 

My thoughts and ramblings on: 

1) The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared- Jonas Jonasson 

I love Allan. He's so quirky in such a nonchalant way that sees him through all sorts of situations, some of which are EXTREMELY hilarious. The books is split into two with alternating chapters between Old Allan and Young Allan. Chapters with Young Allen involves a lot of history. Think: Stalin, Mao, Einstein, Churchill, Kim Jung Il. 
I really enjoyed this although I got lost at some chapters because there are just too many names and characters and it doesn't help that they are russian names that are so long. This book takes you through a wonderful journey of knowledge and adventure and laughter with lots of super random elements all strung together perfectly. There was one part I actually laughed out loud on the train. Its about Stalin and his moustache. I hope you get to read that part and laugh out loud too.  At the end of the book, I felt like I actually can't bear to part with Allan.

Overall 5/10

2) Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn 

I read this entire book in one day. I couldn't put it down. But I did a very silly thing, I read the last few pages because I couldn't take the suspense. ARGH, AND HOW I MANAGED TO SPOIL IT. So if you ever pick this one up, please don't do that. Just read it through, resist the urge to flip to the end just to find out what happened. All I can say is, even till the last bit...I feel like I can identify with Amy.  "omg I'm crazy" 

oh, and theres a movie on this coming out. yay. \^_^/

Overall 8/10

3) Perfect People- Peter James

This book is about designer babies, genetics and ethics/religion. Enjoyed it fairly. Basically, couple who had a kid but the kid died from a rare genetic disorder because both parents are carriers of a rouge gene. So they went to find a geneticist to completely remove the possibility of their next child having to meet with such a fate. But when faced with such an opportunity, they basically "tailored" and created their child to be perfect. Intelligent, tall, healthy, can survive on little sleep etc etc etc...and so you journey with them to see how the kids grew up to be and the external dangers they face. Think : Sci Fi Creepy Thriller, Not amazing and happy children who saves the day. 

Overall 6/10

ok thats all. let me know what you think if you've read any of these, or drop me a comment to recommend me some books to read please. Need new books now. 


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