Sunday, September 21, 2014

LETS MAKE: Denim Bow French Barrette

These few days I've been thinking of getting a hair clip or a hair accessory that doesn't stand out too much and is I can wear it with almost anything and it still goes kinda thing. So I thought since we're on the topic of Upcycling denim, why not make use of the left over denim scraps I have. And denim IS VERSATILE TOO RIGHT?  Im also very lazy, so on lazy days I like to be dressed in black because I don't really have to think much about whether this goes with this, yes no, yikes, ew. Black goes with black right? And a touch of denim would lighten and make the whole outfit look less...sombre...melancholic...ishhhhh.

yeahhhhhh. ok so...



Heres whats you need!
  • Thick craft felt 
  • French Barrette Clip (comes in different sizes) 
  • UHU glue. (sorry mine looks so sunken, like the cheeks of an old lady) 
  • Scrap denim fabric
  • Needle + thread 

1) Cut a piece of rectangle craft felt for the base to be glued onto the french barrette clip.
2) Cut a piece of denim adding 1cm around all edges.
3) Fold them around the felt piece.
4) Glue them down. This is the base of the clip. Lets make the bow now! 
5) Cut another rectangular strip of denim fabric (doesn't need to be perfectly rectangular), and fold them up as shown above.
6) Handstitch the two ends together as shown.
7) Flip the sewn rectangle outwards and then press down in the middle from top the bottom to get bow shape.
8) Cut a thin strip of denim, this will be wrapped around the middle section to create the bow. (use a pin to hold them down)
9) Wrap tightly twice around the bow as shown.
10) Cut excess and then glue down.
11) Now we hazz the main bow, and the base.
12) Glue them together, press flat and wait for it to dry.

In the meantime while waiting for it to dry, I shall briefly mention about Maze Runner. It is an amazing show, keeps you on your toes all the time, I love it. Just didn't quite like the ending because I was like huh? huh ? whats this? whats that? Who Dat? wHo dAt? *i-g-g-y* ok. lets continue...

13) Now lets attach the french barrette onto the bow piece. Glue together, forever.
14) For extra security, sew the two ends down as shown above.

15) Press and hold down and wait for glue to dry again.

So while waiting for the glue to dry, I shall briefly talk about UHU glue. Guys, UHU glue is amazing. I love the smell of it, and also fact that it glues almost anything and everything together. Like, I have 100% CONFIDENCE in it. Another purpose for UHU glue is for violin practice. Sometimes after I practice for hours my fingers hurt really badly and they become really sore. So I apply uhu glue on the tip of my fingers till the glue hardens and then I apply another layer etc its like second skin, and then I continue practicing and it WORKS ALL THE FRIKIN TIME.

ok anyway.

Tahdah, denim french barrette complete.
Happy crafting~
Oh and just some additional ideas: you can try painting on your denim with acrylic before making them into a bow. ok bye.

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