Monday, September 15, 2014

Lady in the White Night Gown

Lady in the white night gown,
With ribbons as dark as squids ink.
With hair as pure as snow.
Why have you come and 
What do you want.
With eyes so hollow, 
can you see through my soul.

Can you see the bitterness,
the sadness and the fear? 
Is that what it is,
is that what drew you here.
Take it then, take it all from me.
Take the darkness and then leave me be.

Take the days with heart wrenching pain.
Take those, for I have nothing to gain.
Don't forget the ones with Them too.
Those are the one that give me the blues.

Cleanse me and make me pure.
Make me forget Them all. 
Eat away the darkness, isn't that why you're here.
Don't leave anything behind that would make me tear. 
Feast, Feast until Their faces become nothing but a blur, 
keep going, keep going...its working, I'm sure.

Now, do you laugh when I am free.
Where were you when I searched the sea.
Lady in the white night gown,
you mouth my name but I don't hear a sound.
Leave now but come back soon.
Don't disappear for a thousand years
while you go around wiping other tears.

I have now made my peace,
Thank you, for the pain has ceased. 
Look at me with your dark hollow eyes,
and say good-bye because soon the sun will rise. 


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