Monday, November 17, 2014

Sunday's Satisfaction

Hi hi. Its been such a busy weeeeeeek~~ I feel like I'm going through school submission exam period again. I've been sleeping for 3-5 hours everyday. *in pain face* But nonetheless, I'm really thankful and super inspired during this period. I think life as a creative should be like that, constantly working and thinking of new ideas and getting inspired by life and things around.  For me, once I have an idea, I become terribly obsessed about it. Its ALL I think about. Its quite unhealthy really because I wont stop until I actually execute it. 

So put two people like that together, and we get re-fuel-ed passion and energy. I LOVE being in this kinda situations, like positive/creative energy and ideas just keep bouncing back and forth. Its really amazing. 

So anyway, my super amazingly talented friend,  Lenne & I were having dinner one day and suddenly this idea blossomed. Like...why not bring my current embroidered Sad Girls Club series to life? Like, what the embroidered sad girl would look like in real life. And I was like.... omg thats so freakin cool, we need to do it!!! ( even though we had crazily packed schedules!! T_T) So we did! We managed to source and plan everything in about a week or two, which is SO crazy. But anyway, here are some BTS shots of the making of the props. 

and here ladies and gentlemen, you can see my tummy rolling out. hehehehe. 


Aaaaand after so many hours of Painting and Pasting and Planning (3Ps!!), its time for dinnerzz. 
My first time at Miam Miam, and I so freakin love this place! Everything is so nice~~ Its at Bugis junction btw. Take me here and I will love you forever~
Adin's Mac & Cheese / Tee's Cabonara. 
Lenne's Soufle rice thing.
This is super amazing, I have no idea how they made the egg rise like that. Its like, cookery magic to me.

Btw, does anyone watch Master Chef Junior? IT TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND AWAY!! I caught it on the tele the other day, and Im like "are you freakin shitting me?" This show is so freakin amazing and inspiring!! 10 year olds cooking seriously AMAZING dishes that will blow your mind away. This 10 year old girl made her own freakin taco sauce FROM SCRATCH. She also made her own taco FROM SCRATCH. Like WHAAAAAATTTTT. This other boy made his own pasta, from scratch. HOW!?

I can't even. Its so inspiring, makes me want to learn how to make sth else other than mashed potatoes. Random fact: My favourite food is anything potato. I love potatoes. Potato is my life.
I shall Potate forever.

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