Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monikers and Random Dead Skin Musings.

Wedged in between Bryan (Pretty Ugly)  and Candice (Puffingmuffin) 


I find it super cute like how artist come up with their own monikers. How Teeteeheehee came about was all the way back in JC when my friends used to call me tee tee and then followed by Hee Hee. In an almost semi playfully mocking manner. But the name stuck, and I've been using it for all my social media handles, like instagram (which you can find on the right side of this page if you're viewing on com) or twitter which you can follow here.  I post semi bite size rants which usually goes along the lines of "OMGGGGG HELP ME IM SO TIRED" or sth like that. It varies, so actually DON'T follow me because I get very annoying on twitter. 

But anyway, I like to wonder what or why is someone's moniker as such, and its so funny because we see it more than the person's actual name. Like some people don't know my name is Teresa. They just say "oh hi~ you're teeteeheehee!!" and some actually came up to Candice and said "oh you're the puffing muffin girl!!" so we just laughsssssssss. 

Also, thank you to everyone who came down to the TLP night market. You can take a look at the pictures here on my fb page at: Facebook.com/iamteeteeheehee  


Its been a super busy month. There are so many new projects and works coming up that I can't wait to share. But november's gonna be a slightly chill month, easier to get bored...which I totally don't mind because being bored is also an experience on its own...right? 

Well unless you're having mindless chatter with someone and you are totally not interested in what they have to say but they keep talking and talking AND TALKING about the way their dress looks or the colour of their nails or what goes on in their non existent love life or past love life, and their lips keep moving and moving and you notice a flake of dried skin on the corner of his/her mouth and you wonder whats it like to feel like that piece of dried flakey skin...like does it feel unwanted, does it feel like its gonna fall off anytime soon explaining why its clinging on to dear life, does it feel scared and for a second you start to empathise with that small harmless piece of dead lip skin and he/she looks at you and say "ARE YOU LISTENING?" and you'll be like "huh? whuut? oh..yeahyeah" and he/she finally notices the piece of dead skin and casually peeeeeeeeels it off his/her lip and places it on the fine linen table cloth and forgets about it while you stare at it almost with smizing eyes because its now free~ free from the lips of one who specialises in mindless chatter and doesn't stop to moisturise. YOU'RE FREE. 

and then for a moment, you wish that you could be that piece of skin, freed from this lack of mental stimulation, freed from being physically attached to someone who lies and gossips, and just being laid down nicely somewhere anywhere (preferably cotton) and forgotten.

I think i'd like that. 

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